Do not see the scars of the glossy appearance of Qiao


Do not see the scars of the glossy appearance of Qiao Renliang? The Sina eight film and television entertainment column water deep last night is not so to students, presumably with deep and deep eight Jun eight single dog teams, experienced a shock – doubt – sad five mixed emotions after impact, confirmed the news of Qiao Renliang’s sudden death. Some eight Jun deep sigh, if the police informed the Joe Moumou just ordinary people, a life gone may not cause any concern. When Joe was proved to be Qiao Renliang, immediately triggered an explosion of concern. But followed by a variety of people do not respect the Bo eye rumors, and even deliberately at this time rub heat no bottom line behavior. For example, the first to come out of Qiao Renliang, director of a villa in the death of SM absurd news, was suspected of being the director of publicity for the movie hype. The media also accused of moving beam contract, change the note, Qiao Renliang fabricated company boss circle of friends. Deep eight Jun want to say is that a person’s own youth will never freeze in the 28 year old, which should never be used to consume the tragedy. He, like many of our friends, have their own unique personality, such as some introverted but like to wear the color of publicity. The stage can not see his private little shy. He performed a lot of film and television works, nearly three months, he has a series of two films released. He also told many of our friends, for ideals and efforts, but in reality a hit head broken and bleeding. Hear the groaning, we often throw a man in the arena who is not a knife, it is everything. But sometimes, they need not cold shock, but a warm look or understand embrace. – I did not fight fire line — about Qiao Renliang, most people can think of the "Lu Zhen legend" in the "emperor" in the splendid edge to large and small Yingdong returnees. But the identity of Qiao Renliang debut and has been a dream, but it is a singer. All know that Qiao Renliang is a good man who, in fact he was in a good man, two years before the game at the age of 17 in the Jin Yingzhi star draft, won the championship. That year, he formed the PINK7 band. In 2007, Qiao Renliang in the most classic that the hero won the runner up. Orange sky entertainment and signed him, shouted "superstar" slogan to create. But in Qiao Renliang by the pitch of a bright future when facing a lot of problems: the singer once saw him personally, do not want to even the other band members received together. Many singers will choose at this time and the band brothers say goodbye, but Qiao Renliang was determined not to disband, wants to sign me even with the band signed. Orange sky reluctantly said, must do examination of the band, if qualified to sign. At that time, the media interviewed Qiao Renliang, asked him if the band assessment, but how to do? He is optimistic that a qualified, if not with my band together, I will not sign. But the band failed to pass. But Qiao Renliang look so firmly, and gave the band)相关的主题文章: