Daniel, Another Gem From Elton John To The World-plants war


Music Upon listening to this song for the first time, you will most likely be thinking that the singer is simply singing a tribute to his brother, Daniel. This is, however, not .pletely true. It’s because of this perception that the writer of the song, Bernie Taupin, who has been Elton John’s lyricist for more than 40 years, has said that "Daniel" is possibly the most misinterpreted song he has ever written. In actual fact, the song was inspired by the events of the Vietnam War and is about a returning soldier named Daniel, who has been blinded during the war. Just like other veterans, he is lauded and treated like a hero upon returning home, however, this doesn’t interest him, he simply wants to get back to living his normal life. Unable to escape the attention of the people around him, he decides to go to Spain to find some solitude and find a quiet life. Finding out the true meaning of the song makes this song sound even more beautiful and touching. This is a great example of how Taupin’s talent for words and John’s talents for melodies has been able to produce such marvelous and memorable songs. As sweet and as nice, the lyrics are, it is the melody that brings it to life and make us feel a deep sympathy for the subject of the song, Daniel. The song clearly did resonate with the Vietnam War and its veterans at the time of its release, as shown by its success on the charts. Despite not being able to reach number 1 in the US or the UK, it was still a hit and thoroughly deserved to be one. Personally, I still tend to interpret this song as a personal tribune to any loved one, not just a returning soldier. It can easily be done by changing some of the lyrics, as long as the melody stays the same. I would have to say that the highlight of this song is the melody. Very few artists have got the gift of creating wonderful, beautiful and memorable like Elton John. While it may be true that his career is slowly winding down, we must all enjoy him while he is still around. Thank you Elton for making such incredibly beautiful songs. Enjoy! Elton John is one of music’s all time best-selling artists with sales of approximately 250 million, both singles and albums. He has enjoyed a highly successful career over 40 years and continues to entertain and enthrall audiences worldwide. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: