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Dalian beyond today away against Inner Mongolia and tonight in the League twenty-eighth round, Dalian away to Inner Mongolia and beyond, this game is also considered a key point, if beyond win one hundred percent relegation, ahead of two ashore, if beyond to get 1 points, but also to determine the basic survival, but also excellent rivals in Inner Mongolia in the relegation out, believe that the opponent will not easily let go beyond points. Take the basic relegation 1 points beyond the last round victory over Xinjiang to get 3 points, currently in the standings has got 36 points, avoid relegation pressure, can be said to have basic ashore, this time the road against beyond the front wheel has no pressure, but the team did not determine relegation, let down from the coach to the players they still cannot. Also need to make points in the opponent. The current standings, the bottom second in Qingdao can accumulate 28 points, goal difference of -14, Dalian is beyond 36 points, goal difference is 0, the assumptions beyond the home court winning, then points to reach 39 points, even if the bottom second in Qingdao round victory (counting round), then points only to reach 37 points, count the countdown to the first Hunan Hunan, so there are two teams less than 100% survival beyond the latter. If the beyond with 1 points, points will reach 37 points, after two rounds were assumed beyond losing, but in Qingdao can finally win all round (round count), so they can only reach 37 points, this is still beyond the theoretical level may fall, but this may be the probability of occurrence of minimal. Therefore, the current round with 1 points above the basic ashore. Excellent green light but not beyond to get away is not an easy thing, and nearly three got 1 wins and 2 draws, currently 32 points out the countdown third. To avoid relegation situation is grim, so be sure to take all three points in the home court, in addition, the excellent good at home court record, winning percentage as high as 62%, and the excellent score so far, there are 81% from the home court game. Therefore, Zhongyou will never go beyond the green light in his own home. From middle to middle a, the two teams have accumulated three times and surpassed 1 wins and 2 draws. The game against the first round of the season, surpassing the 2:0 win, from this point of view, beyond or occupy a psychological advantage, in addition, as long as the campaign can beyond the continuation of that state and level 3 game winning streak, is a great hope to continue the streak of relegation. Peninsula morning news network reporter Xiao Haili, Zeng 大连超越今日客场迎战内蒙古中优   今晚,中甲联赛第28轮,大连超越客场挑战内蒙古中优,这场比赛也被认为是关键点,如果超越取胜,将百分之百保级,提前两轮上岸,如果超越拿到1分,也基本确定保级成功,不过对手内蒙古中优也在为保级捞分,相信对手不会轻易让超越拿分。   拿1分基本保级   超越上轮战胜新疆拿到3分,目前在积分榜上已经拿到36分,保级压力不大,可以说已经基本上岸,这个时候的客场交手超越已经没有了前面几轮的压力,不过球队没有确定保级,从主帅到球员仍不能掉以轻心,他们还需要全力以赴在对手身上拿分。   目前积分榜上,倒数第二的青岛中能积28分,净胜球为-14,大连超越是36分,净胜球为0,假设超越本轮主场获胜,那么积分将达到39分,即便倒数第二的青岛中能三轮全胜(算上本轮),那么积分也只能达到37分,算上倒数第一的湖南湘涛,这样有两支球队积分少于超越,后者100%保级成功。如果超越本轮拿1分,积分将达到37分,假设后两轮超越均输球,而青岛中能最后三轮均赢球(算上本轮比赛),那么他们的积分也只能达到37分,这样超越仍有理论上掉级的可能,但这种可能发生概率极小,因此,本轮拿1分超越基本上岸。   中优不会亮绿灯   不过超越想客场拿分也并非一件容易的事情,中优近三轮拿到了1胜2平,目前以32分列倒数第三。他们保级形势也比较严峻,所以必定想要在主场全取三分,另外,中优在主场的战绩相当出色,胜率高达62%,而中优迄今为止的得分,有81%源自于主场的比赛。因此,中优绝不会在自己的主场给超越亮绿灯。   从中乙到中甲,两队累计有过三次较量,超越取得了1胜2平。赛季首回合的那场对阵,超越2:0取胜,从这一点来看,超越还是占据心理优势,另外,只要超越能够在此役延续3连胜期间的那种状态与水准,还是有很大希望延续连胜从而顺利保级成功。    半岛晨报、海力网记者曾啸相关的主题文章: