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Credit In the time of recession many banks and financial institutions fears to lend money for loan. With out checking the history of credit they are even not providing loans to big .panies. Credit bureau report is the tool through which any one can generate information about his current dues situation. These reports are the first thing asks by any lender to understand the financial condition of the borrower. These reports are free and trust worthy; provide security in identity. This helps to forecast the economic condition and to avoid financial crisis. A good credit bureau report is helpful to get easy loans. The lender will never risk his money if the borrower is loaded with heavy credit balance and has no other financial resource to safe his future economic condition. This report gives an idea to borrower whether he/she is in a position to take more loans to recover his/her financial plight. There is no use of applying more loans if you are not in a state to pay them back. There are three types of credit bureau reports. First one is Single credit report; these reports are prepared by three bureaus named; Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. Second type of report is 3-1 credit report this provide the score from all three bureau mention above in one. And the third type of report is 3-1 credit report with score; this is the most reliable and mostly demanded by lenders. Maintain copy of each credit bureau report and read them thoroughly to understand error. Talk to each creditors and bureaus to fix faulty credit score. Provide the correction information report in written. Give them 30 to 60 days time to correct the errors. Repeat the process if youre request doesnt show any result About the Author: 相关的主题文章: