Cool collocation of American humor in warrior’s gate attention by multiple


Cool collocation of American humor in "warrior’s gate" diverse elements popular entertainment news and Tencent demons off fantasy battle action Madden visual stunning, Sino French co production "will be released in November 18th of the warrior’s gate" in addition to the magical sense of both elements, a sense of humor in the film also has multiple reflected. The audience a taste of Mark, Sheldon in the dreamland Daguai squad will be stimulated, and the movie lines of the compact design. The role of the bursting point Mark Sheldon humor funny "warrior’s gate" in the space-time bodyguard Zhao Wushi and Uriah · Sheldon as moron boy Jack opposite character collision many humorous elements, Zhao warrior as the first master fantasy country, hidebound in the protection work of Royal Mark, their evaluation the role of said: "at the beginning, he is a dull, loyal, stubborn warriors. Later, Jack learned a lot, can be more open to face the world." Under the influence of Jack, he was stubborn suddenly become free, from the action lines, Zhao Shiwei, bursting point meet the eye everywhere. Bad boy Jack in front of Zhao Shiwei love is fragile, escape, to free him and Zhao Shiwei stark contrast, do two different attitudes towards the staged one after another funny story. He brought the humor of modern people to the ancient world which is opposite to his attitude towards life. Before the exposure of the special edition, Sheldon taught Mark to dance in the mountains of the plot, Sheldon free, Mark’s every rhythm "funny" action sidesplitting. When shooting, Mark laughing, laughing scene. In addition, playing funny wizard Wu Zhenyu look rich, in the film crazy style of his offbeat funny, relaxed. As the most powerful enemy land expedition, Dave · Batista played Allen the Barbarian King and bloodthirsty brutal barbarians, don’t look at the barbarian cruel, they sometimes stay adorable performance beyond the bottom line of human intelligence, frequent jokes. Humor no barriers of Ni Ni play preliminary fusion meet the challenges many elements of "warrior’s gate" is a relaxed happy fantasy action blockbuster. The imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style, action design together with specific burnt actress Ni Ni Madden, played by Princess Su Lin is a Wu Yi in the body, the first attempt to talk about their action and plays Su Lin’s feelings, Ni Ni said: "there is a lot of space to play in the show, there will also be some of the characters of the unknown the sense of performing on the hit drama and rich characters are a challenge." Mathias ·, director of the film, said how to express a sense of humor, said: "embarrassment, embarrassment, arrogance, arrogance, these basic elements of humor can be appreciated by the audience around the world."." In his opinion, that sense of humor even if there are differences, but also have in common, he said: "the relationship between characters, such as love, such as living in different places as the villain of the helpless, jealousy, lose strength and pain, these feelings around the audience can understand." The film by KEMET film Limited by Share Ltd, the French Europa Corp, KEMET Pictures Limited joint production, four.相关的主题文章: