Comparable to the quality of official Bryant design hero alliance Mobile Games concept map winsockfix


Comparable to the quality of official Bryant design "hero alliance" Mobile Games concept map "hero alliance" a mobile phone version? Is not impossible! Recently, the folk God Samuel Jie released the League Mobile Games concept map on their own independent design, familiar interface, high reduction degree, directly to the computer in the summoner Canyon to the mobile phone screen! Maybe one day in the future, mobile phone line and a plate pulled out whenever and wherever possible "will become a reality! The hero in the face. The mobile phone! "The day of the dagger recasting, the potential return of." Have to say the perfect design of the God of passers-by, the summoner Canyon hero in the information and skills to the mobile phone screen perfect matching! Or familiar taste, familiar with the skills, Mobile Games concept map riven, whether you back big kill four ideas? On the computer speed of light QA kill you wear on the phone, whether it can reproduce the wonderful operation? Hero "and with the blast interface must also look forward, behind." As part of the national service popular…… BAN is a hero, jaszo is naturally essential league’s role in setting Mobile Games concept map! Arthorn’s signature skills, "the vast information / cut was also included in the most natural. Arthorn operation on the computer, a hair dryer + strokes will tend to direct each other directly seckill crispy core. If Mobile Games arthorn could eventually become a reality, like the wind control computer, an enemy of five? The enemy has thirty seconds to reach the battlefield! Hero selection and reading interface identification is still high, will not let small partners feel that this is not the hero alliance". Closer to the computer version of the operation, even if this is your first battle on the phone, you can quickly master. Single Bobbi, wild juggernaut, single card, road + small blind, against the single cyclone hit yelong, turtle, single way of vengeance ", spear + bard, who can make this a mobile phone on the victory? In qualifying BAN PICK interface to read interface on the army to attack! Small partners are more concerned about entering the game interface. Operating interface, the original is this! The lower left corner of the analog joystick to control the movement of heroes, the right is Summoner skills, hero skills and general attack button. It is worth mentioning that the small map and friendly hero / that is also reflected in the concept map! If you are a veteran game player is no longer wandering, no small map and worry! On the concept map for junglers kensai. A closer look, as if with a skin! You don’t run after school! In the computer game screenshots can easily Carey? Mobile phones can also be! When the game ends with your carry, do you want to share this Bi with your friends (Zhuang)? Click on the lower right corner to share it! Your data will appear in the circle of friends! Super five killed, do not show off how line! Although this report screenshot "hero alliance Mobile Games" only God game player concept design, but the hero alliance and eSports has become more mature, I believe that in the near future, we can achieve "Lu a" dream on a mobile phone. (source: 3.相关的主题文章: