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"Come" preview target Oscar praised North American entertainment Sohu – "come" teaser poster   Sohu; entertainment news (wheat article) science fiction "come" received in Venice, the Toronto Film Festival debut, now still maintain comprehensive score of 100% in the North American media preview after the height. The film will be released in North America in 11 and will become the best film Oscar, best director, best adapted screenplay, best score, best actress, a strong contender. In recent years, emerging out of "gravity", "Mars" rescue some outstanding science fiction, the visual effect and excellent horror story together, mainly in the kernel showing human courage to conquer all obstacles. "Come" (Arrival) is a little different, seemingly is an alien invasion of earth’s story, but no past this kind of movie between humans and alien war and heroism rendering. It is about a rich in philosophy and multi meaning of time, language and communication of the story. Looks like a "star crossed" (Interstellar) as burning brain, but does not appear after the unraveling of the science fiction theory is kick up a cloud of dust, but the most basic principles of human. Aliens are just a way to convey a profound theme. The movie is like a pack a lot of fruit skin, each through a layer of a layer of different perception. On the face of it, this is an alien invasion of the film, the human helpless, do not know what is going to happen, can only rely on linguists to communicate with aliens. But the fear of the film is not only due to the fear of unknown aliens, as well as poor communication between different countries, the lack of coordination of uncertainty. This is a deeper level of the film: communication. 12 alien spacecraft landed in the earth’s 12 different countries, each country is trying to communicate with aliens, and have their own strategies. Some countries or between the mutual exchange of needed products, shut the door refused to cooperate with others. So each country is guessing what others are going to do next. And if one party takes the wrong step, it could lead to a world war. The communication between the countries is not only due to the language, but also the cultural, political, historical and other creative barriers. Every big country is not willing to listen to other people’s command. With the American linguist Louise (played by Amy Adams) step by step tries to interpret the alien language, another layer of meaning people coming out of the movie: communication can not be so anxious to have patience, to start from scratch. Louise is facing a completely unfamiliar language, she can not directly translate. It takes a lot of patience to communicate with each other, and to build trust. As she said in the film, everyone wants to know the purpose of the aliens, but simply can not ask the question, we must first determine each other know what you are asking, find the common language of communication. If you are not sure that "you" and "problem" is correct, you may not get the expected answer. However, in all pay attention to the efficiency of the era, more and more people love just look at the surface and as a result, not to go. The Internet makes people more and more used to getting information quickly相关的主题文章: