Cloud painted Moonlight Portsmouth sword and Kim Yoo Jung (video) feelings grow with each passing da


"Cloud painted Moonlight" Portsmouth sword and Kim Yoo Jung "cloud painting feelings grow with each passing day moon" OST Part1 preview version [Portsmouth sword bar_ParkBoGumBar] Tencent entertainment news (Wen Qiaosen) "clouds Moonlight" Kim Yoo Jung’s identity is likely to be found at the same time, the sword and park to her feelings more deeply. In the 6 episode of KBS2 drama on fire "cloud painted Moonlight" (writer director Jin Minzhen Jin Shengyun), Li Ying (Pu Baojian) insisted that Hong Lewen (Jin Yuzhen ornaments) is not a woman, not only that, in order to Lewen flood in prison out, also requested the king (Jin Chengxiu ornaments) catallactic. In this episode, Jin Yinsheng (vibration ornaments) in order to conceal the identity of Hong Lewen woman, took her to a brothel, together with prostitutes who pretend. See this scene of Li Ying although no doubt Hong Lewen "man" identity, but her admiration for this thing to others, it is still a wonderful feeling of jealousy grow. Li Ying is feeling depressed until second days, he is no longer the illusion of Hong Lewen woman, "yesterday in a brothel to play well, is not to forget me, since you are a man, I said last night if you don’t put in the mind." However, because Lewen Hong Ma Zhongzi (Cui Dazhe ornaments) because of Nvbannanzhuang secrets in jeopardy. Because of the Qing Dynasty envoys know Hong Lewen identity and as a threat, close to the prince. At a crucial moment when Lee Yong Yingying debut, to Hong Lewen rescued from the kidnapping crisis. The Hong Lewen rescued Li Ying said, "I see you can not help but be angry, don’t for me patience, not to do that again." Because, see Hong Lewen in order to guard their imprisoned, Li Ying heart ache. Hong Li Ying in Lewen thought may be deposed in a crisis, the heart is very anxious, more than tears. Finally, Hong Lewen envoys of Qing Dynasty was taken away, Lee Ying along with Jinbing (Guo Dongyan) will force her rescue.相关的主题文章: