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The Civil Aviation Bureau informed Shanghai two aircraft collision insurance "thing: immediately carry out safety rectification — Society — in Beijing in October 14, according to the civil aviation bureau website news, October 14th, the civil aviation bureau held the whole industry aviation safety teleconference, informed the October 11th Hongqiao airport runway incursion event preliminary investigation, a profound analysis of the problems that requires the whole industry to draw profound lessons, replicability, maintaining security alert, comprehensive risk management and control, to ensure the safety of civil aviation, the bottom line is not a breakthrough. Civil aviation authority will focus on the multi runway large busy airport key positions, key personnel inspection. The civil aviation authority requirements of ATC system to immediately carry out safety rectification, investigate and rectify the existing problems. Check the safety production responsibility system is perfect; two of the "grassroots, foundation, basic training requirements are implemented, key personnel training is strictly implemented, competence and work style is in accordance with the requirements; three check the existence of overload operation; four control operation procedures are reasonable; check the existence of five illegal operation; six check the existence of late, false, concealed aviation safety information, safety problems such as dishonesty resort to deceit touch the red line. The civil aviation authority required by the "six check", and improve the work of six aspects, one is to strengthen the controller qualification management, two is to strengthen the personnel training, the three is to strengthen the enforcement of rules and regulation, four is to prevent overload operation, the five is to optimize the operational control procedures, six is to improve the living security controller. Ensure safe operation and safety. The Civil Aviation Bureau reiterated the special regulations and the integrity of the bottom line line, emphasis on the organization and management of legal violations, illegal violation, regardless of the consequences, to be severely punished, the completion of the regulatory loop; touch the integrity of the red line, whether units or individuals, will be subject to a dishonest, severely punished restricted ". The Civil Aviation Bureau safety supervision departments at all levels should adhere to the problem oriented, key areas, key units on the problem prone, urge the ability to enhance the safety management level and risk prevention system, to prevent multiple repeated problems. Strengthen safety supervision and inspection and supervision of rectification efforts to strengthen the results of the investigations and accountability, to ensure that the industry safety supervision problems rectification work to achieve the desired goals. Civil aviation authority also on the upcoming winter operation carried out specific deployment. All civil servants of the civil aviation authority, the civil aviation authority, the regulatory authority, the civil aviation enterprises and institutions in charge of the main leaders and responsible for the safety of the work in the main venue and the venue to attend the meeting. In addition, Eastern Airlines staff revealed to the media, the current eastern tower to no party accountable to. And to avoid the tragedy caused by the A320 airliner captain, CEA intends to material rewards. (commissioning editor Pan Xuhai and Xiao Hong)相关的主题文章: