City car day enthusiasm in the cooling of the public the form is greater than the meaning-actv


City car free day cooling enthusiasm in public: the form of greater significance – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 23rd news Chinese according to the voice of "news and newspaper abstract" reported yesterday (22 days) is China’s tenth city car free day. Around the promotion of green travel, but most areas suffered embarrassment, public participation in car free day enthusiasm in cooling. Reporters found that many people have heard of the "Car Free Day", but most people said "no car day" is a "form", even if the small car one day, can not solve the problem of congestion and environmental protection. Changchun people Ma: I think there is no sense of car free day, the car has become inseparable from the people out of the vehicle. On the one hand, the media and the Public Transport Department of publicity, while the public is not aware of the cold, making the car without some embarrassment. Changchun Dongsheng automobile company propaganda department director Sun Baoyan: I think the effect is not large, traffic congestion phenomenon or the existence of the facts, the public is also very anxious for the things. One day no car day can not solve the fundamental problem. Ni Hong, Vice Minister of housing and urban rural development, said the fundamental way to ease traffic congestion is to improve the supply side of the transport facilities, and vigorously develop the green transportation of walking, cycling, public transport. Ni Hong: the Ministry of housing by strengthening planning regulation, improve standards, formulate relevant policies and measures, promote the construction of city road system, the short board filled city transportation facilities.相关的主题文章: