Christmas With Snow Boots-sunny came home


Fashion-Style   2010 Christmas is .ing again. As usual, the winter fashion is changing with the season all the time. In the winter, though there are various kinds of clothes and shoes that are very fashionable in winter, the snow boots can be said to be the most powerful weapon, because they can not only keep feet warm but also lead the fashion trend. It is believed that every girl wears the snow boots in winter, including some female stars. Nicole Richie, who is well known all over the world as a very famous star, often wears snow boots even in other seasons besides winter. She can always match snow boots with different styles of clothes very suitably. I, as a girl who often care about how I should dress myself, always learn how to match clothes with snow boots from Nicole Richie.   Snow boots can give Nicole Richie a very strong sense of leisure. Sometimes she wears a black outwear, a pair of leisurely jeans and a pair of coffee snow boots, in this case she looks so leisurely and vital, if she holds her little dog in her arms, she looks so naughty. Sometimes she can wear snow boots with a strong sense of feminine charm. In one winter, she wore a very long coat, it was dark green. She wore a pair of thin transparent socks which made her leg look so sexy and slim, in this case she wore a pair of beige snow boots, holding a black handbag. Without any doubt, walking on the street she could be said to be a very fashionable lady even if she was not a famous female star.   On the whole snow boot has formed a special fashion trend. Wearing snow boots you can look however you like. A pair of snow boots can keep you feel so warm, and no matter you wear socks or jeans, snow boots can make you legs look slimmer. Especially when the Christmas is .ing, you should have a pair of fashionable snow boots to spend the pleasant Christmas. If you have already had snow boots, you may as well consider giving your sister, mother and close friends a pair of suitable snow boots as a Christmas gift. In this way, you can pass your love, wish and warmth to the people you love. Hope you have a very warm Christmas with the .pany of snow boots. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: