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Chongqing: move the gym membership card back refund will move to the end of what the ultimate gym, scanty people come to fitness. One for the VIP members want a refund, told to the end of the year to handle. Recently, nearly 100 members of Liangjiang New Area Honghu road ultimate gym is quite upset, because this gym to be relocated, but their membership card number (frequency) has not expired. The two sides dispute. Some members call the Chongqing Evening News 24 hours News Hotline 966988 complaints about the matter. Yesterday, the Chongqing evening news reporter arrived at the 2 floor of the Swiss Hotel Jinjiang, the ultimate gym on the ground floor of the building, where more than 10 members gathered to discuss the argument. Some members said that they in August of this year or even in October to do a fitness card, why not move to say? Members of Ms. Yan show her contract with the ultimate fitness club, which has a requirement, such as fitness centers to move, 30 days in advance notice. We believe that the gym did not advance notice to members, is a serious breach of contract. In this regard, the gym manager Mr. Huang told the Chongqing evening news reporter, the gym relocation is because of the decoration does not meet the requirements of the hotel, and change the decoration cost too high, so the company decided to move to the nearby Chongqing hall, but need a few months time decoration. Mr Wong said that this thing they gradually notify the members by phone, I did not expect to pass between the members quickly. He said that during the transition period the member can choose to go to the temple in Southbridge another extreme gym, or choose a free stop card. But yesterday, Mr. Huang is unable to produce the new premises rental contract, specific decoration time-consuming and can not answer the question, if the members choose refund must wait until the end of December this year, these are so many members very dissatisfied. Rui Rui Jinjiang Hotel responsible person Miss Zhou introduced, the ultimate gym at the end of last year from the Swiss group rented a venue to open the gym, the hotel has nothing to do with the dispute. Liangjiang New Area market and quality supervision and Management Bureau informed sources said that they had received complaints about the matter, then they can be involved in the mediation. Chongqing evening news chief correspondent     ran the reporter;     Bonham; photo coverage相关的主题文章: