Chinese online writers early gains nebula award two trophies – Beijing


Chinese online writers early gains "nebula award two trophies – Beijing in September 11, 2016, the seventh session of the global Chinese science fiction Nebula Awards Gala held at the National Library of Chinese. Famous science fiction writer at the novel "the sleeping dolphin, wake up" won the "science fiction film Creative Award Finalist, short story" the sun fire "is" best short story award". For the first time in the morning to participate in the nebula award will get two trophies, showing her strong strength in the field of science fiction. Since the dawn of science fiction in the early 1995, the creation of science fiction more than one million words. On behalf of the works have a novel "the back of the moon," "ghosts of the shadow of the cat caught," short story "messenger" cat "sneak into Guiyang", "sun fire" and so on. The nebula Award for short story "the sun fire", fully embodies the works at the usual exquisite female color "and" the future with real life. "" the romantic heroism "etc.. The novel is based on the story of the earth’s cold, a realistic sense of trust. The rhythm of tension, select the excitation of solar activity altering the earth’s climate "ATS plan" implementation of six hours before and after the implementation of the one hour time node, described as "ATS executive" as the four observation points of the nuclear situation. In order to chronological order, the observation point for the weft, seven hours, five locations, layers of deduction, until the implementation of the plan to reach climax. Global Chinese science fiction Nebula award was established in 2010, is committed to a comprehensive display of Chinese science fiction cultural achievements, promote the development of Chinese science fiction culture industry. Nebula award has been promulgated for six times, and gradually set up in the field of science and technology in the field of authority and extraordinary influence. In 2016, the seventh Nebula award winner, "science fiction film award" and "Best Short Story Award" is a fierce competition, the work of the early morning in hundreds of entries in the stand out, it is not easy. Although the early morning to get the Chinese science fiction Galaxy award, but this is the first time it was nominated and won the nebula award, so the sun fire has a very special meaning to the author. It is reported that the short story has also been included in the author just released a new book, leave the earth surface. The book is a collection of 14 short stories selected by the author of the space science fiction, describing a full of the future of the human landscape. It is understood that the morning will be published in all new books, writers and other aspects of the work of the development of the work of the authorized Chinese online digital publishing group plenipotentiary agent. According to the relevant responsible person said, the morning sun fire and other works of film and television adaptation of the game is being discussed, the Chinese online will be open to choose partners, focusing on three-dimensional joint development capabilities.相关的主题文章: