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China Normal University experts secret love between lovers is the tacit understanding of male " attachment " female psychology and cognitive science, East China Normal University Professor Hu Yi research team in October 9th released a new study: couples in the period of cooperation, both sides will appear brain synchronization phenomenon; the synchronization and their cooperative behavior; at the same time, gender differences in connection strength the brain, indicates that men and women play different roles in the cooperation. The results are published online in the latest issue of the International Journal of neuroimaging, HumanBrainMapping. The thesis is composed of Pan Yafeng and Cheng Xiaojun as co authors, and Hu and Hu Yi as CO authors. They are exploring a "old" topic — whether more cooperation between lovers or couples, the degree of understanding, compared to other relationships whether there are better cooperation behavior. In the study, three groups of subjects (group 17, a group of acquaintances to couple 16 pairs, 16 pairs of groups of strangers, both men and women paired with a partner) to complete a task: cooperation button turns green to button in the signal lamp at the same time, the subjects and the reaction time difference between the smaller partner, means that their better cooperation. During the completion of the task, the near infrared imager was used to monitor and record the brain activity of subjects. The study found that in the behavioral level, compared with the other two groups of couples, the difference between the reaction time between the partner and the partner is the smallest and the most stable, indicating that there is indeed an advantage of cooperation. In the brain on the level of cooperation during the couple subjects brain brain signal synchronization phenomenon in the frontal gyrus region, there is a significant correlation between the brain and the synchronous signal their cooperative behavior. In the other two groups, the phenomenon was not found. So, the couple during the cooperation is dominated by men or women? What is the interaction between couples to male or female female to male? This has been a controversial issue in psychology and biology. The theory of self construction and evolutionary biology holds the opposite view on this issue. In the brain study of East China Normal University Scholars, the researchers also explored the gender differences in the couple’s cooperation. According to the results of behavioral analysis, the reaction time of male was longer than that of female. The signal flow from female to male is greater than "from male to female". These results suggest that the couple may be primarily female "dominant" in cooperation and interaction, and men "follow" or "attachment"". These findings support the theory of evolutionary biology. "Of course, the couple in the experiment is mainly composed of college students in love, the future research can also consider the different stages of love, dependence, etc.." Their representation. Welcome to Xinmin Evening News official WeChat micro signal: xmwb1929 or download Xinmin Evening News APP study, study, parenting, workplace…… More education information > > > Shen Shen education account for children in Shanghai to go to school, college entrance examination conditions list 2016 the latest version of the Shanghai school district housing and household registration of all the questions, the answer is here! Shanghai county key high school (municipal experimental demonstration high school) list in 2016 only to recruit the first Shanghai slightly相关的主题文章: