Chengdu father and son take a Thanksgiving list to visit more than 200 cities in


Chengdu with gratitude list around the Chinese visited more than 200 city of Pang Chuanxing and his son review in the journey interesting October 24th, sign in Chengdu District of Qingyang Gong Guo Xiang’s "Chengdu origin", the 43 year old Pang Chuanxing and 5 year old half son Pang a successful counter clockwise around the Chinese. In May 8th of this year, they were starting from here. And the two counterparts, in addition to the "strong brother volunteered as a photographer, and Pang Chuanxing spent more than a year published" thanksgiving "list, there are thousands who give his help classmates, friends and teachers, Pang Chuanxing want to find their expressions of gratitude, but also teach son gratitude and love. "Thanksgiving trip" of the city for more than 120 to more than 200. In May 8th this year, a jubilant Pang drove out of the door with his father to visit, starting from Chengdu, Tibet, Sichuan Tibet line, climbed over the Yunnan Tibet line, the land south of the East, the remotest corners of the globe Heixiazi Island, the most northern Mohe County Arctic village, even the highest the Mount Qomolangma experienced a plateau reaction, debris flow, dust storms…… Go to the road of small pang Yicai ", this road can see light suddenly" is not simply for fun". Pang Chuanxing is a Langzhong man, 43 years old this year. In the middle age, Pang Chuanxing, who had been making money and creating good material conditions, suddenly realized that the most important education was missing his father’s accompany. Then, Pang zhuanxing began planning with children around the China sketch, and along the way to find his just published "thanksgiving" in the list once helped his benefactor, in an unusual way, let the children know how to love, love in the journey. From May 8th to October 24th, which lasted 170 days, a total of 43031 kilometers, visited the city more than 200, more than 30 thousand photographs, published more than 170 articles to a total of 15 thousand words, through the four seasons climate, visit the more than 120 old friends met a lot of new friends. Gratitude list of thousands of people journey to find evoke past the memory of Pang Chuanxing said, more than a year ago, I was preparing the publication of "thanksgiving" list, built a group, find people, person to person by person, finally contacted many years friend, mentor, and way of life, they have selfless help their own thing, still visible before the eyes. In 1991, the rural senior middle school admission line 5 points of the senior high school entrance examination scores, Pang Chuanxing failed. Students entering school and work all day, only Pang zhuanxing aimlessly wandering confused. Second days to start school, Pang father took out his savings, bought a bottle of wine, a cigarette, let Pang Chuanxing go to the principal accommodation and accommodation, read for a year. The arrogant Pang Chuanxing bones obstinately rejected the "back door", what’s more, the home keeps a big dog! After sitting all day on the hillside of the village, Pang Chuanxing came home and was worried that he didn’t know how to speak to his father. Pang Fu was glad to tell him a good news. Originally, Pang Chuanxing’s classmate and "baibazi brothers" Zhao Yong didn’t go to high school, find the relationship between the trustee in the city a private high school newspaper, but decided to go to Xinjiang to work, they found pangfu to the number of reading to Pang Chuanxing. On the second day, Pang Chuanxing went to the city to study in a large bag of rice. It was in this high school that Pang Chuanxing came into contact with the Chinese painting, then took the Academy, and went on the way of making a living of art. "The whole life has changed, but I can’t forget it." In 25 years, Pang was finally reunited with Zhao Yong in Xinjiang. Yang Tianfu, who met in Ningxia, and Pang Chuanxing have been in the same class from primary school to high school. In high school, the two people bought a pair of scissors to each other to cut their hair, to save a little bit. There are also regrets in this trip. In nearly 1000 people, only 120 people have been found for various reasons, such as too much travel and loss of contact.

成都父子带感恩名单环游中国 到访200多个城市 庞传兴父子回顾旅途中的趣事10月24日,在成都青羊区锣锅巷的“成都原点”标志牌处,43岁的庞传兴和5岁半的儿子庞一,成功地逆时针环游中国。今年5月8日,他们正是从这里出发的。和父子俩同行的,除了自告奋勇担当摄影师的“强哥”,还有庞传兴用了一年多整理出版的《感恩名单》,里面有上千个曾给予自己帮助的同学、朋友和老师,庞传兴想找到他们表达感谢,同时也教会儿子懂得感恩和爱。“感恩之旅”出发到访200多个城市找寻120多名恩人今年5月8日,庞一兴高采烈地跟着爸爸开车出了门,此行从成都出发,爬过新藏线、川藏线、滇藏线,陆地最南的天涯海角、最东的黑瞎子岛、最北的漠河北极村,甚至最高的珠穆朗玛峰,经历了高原反应、泥石流、沙尘暴……走到路上小庞一才“恍然大悟”,这一路可不是单纯为了“好玩”。庞传兴是阆中人,今年43岁。中年得子,只顾埋头挣钱创造优良物质条件的庞传兴突然认识到,最重要的教育,缺失了父亲的陪伴,庞一身上有了一些依赖他人、胆小的习惯。于是,庞传兴开始筹划带孩子环游中国写生,并沿途寻找自己刚刚出版的《感恩名单》中曾经帮助过自己的“恩人”,以不同寻常的方式,让孩子在旅途中学会爱、懂得爱。从5月8日到10月24日,历时170天,共行驶43031公里,到访城市200多个,拍摄照片3万多张,发布游记170余篇合计15万余字,经历春夏秋冬四季气候,拜访了120多个老朋友,又结识了一大批新朋友。感恩名单记录近千人找寻之旅勾起往昔记忆庞传兴说,一年多前,自己正筹备出版《感恩名单》,建了一个群,通过人找人、人传人,终于联系上了多年未见的朋友、恩师,起起落落的人生路途,他们曾无私地帮助自己的事,依旧历历在目。1991年,与农村高中录取线5分之差的中考成绩,庞传兴落榜。同学们升学的升学、打工的打工,只剩庞传兴整日漫无目的地迷茫游荡。第二天要开学了,庞父拿出积蓄,买了一瓶酒、一条烟,让庞传兴去找校长通融通融,复读一年。傲气的庞传兴骨子里执拗地排斥“走后门”,更何况,校长家可养着一条大狗!茫然地在村后的山坡上坐了一整天,庞传兴回到家,正愁不知怎么向父亲开口,庞父先高兴地告诉了他一个好消息。原来,庞传兴的同学兼“拜把子兄弟”赵勇也没考上高中,找关系托人在城里一所民办高中报了名,但临时决定去新疆打工,便找到庞父想把读书的名额让给庞传兴。第二天,庞传兴背着一大袋大米进城念书。正是在这所高中里,庞传兴接触到国画、随后考取美院,走上艺术的谋生之路。“整个人生都改变了,可不敢忘。”25年未见,庞传兴终于在新疆与赵勇重逢。在宁夏相遇的杨天福,和庞传兴从小学到高中一直同班。高中时,俩人买把剪刀互相给对方理发,能节约一点是一点。此行也有遗憾,近千人里,因行程太赶、失去联系等各种原因只找到120余人。相关的主题文章: