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Chen Jianbin directed the first grade version of "Busan" the Li Shamin frequency is integer   entertainment Sohu; Sohu Li Shaminzi entertainment news mango Taiwan "the first grade" premiered to rave reviews, Chen Jianbin’s teacher image so that users even said: being scared. Chen in the first episode of a "scream therapy" for weekdays go sweet line Shamin sub public control Li screaming, it is reported that in the image and second episodes, Chen Jianbin personally play big hair, Zhang Jing shooting the first grade version of "Busan", and Lee Shamin is again by the pit in the program, not only makes the eyes even flying, unkempt, Chen Jianbin was friends ridicule for pit Li Shamin children 20 years old driver". Chen Jianbin’s "zombie" Zhao Zhiwei Lee Shamin sub image was always Zoupian Jian Feng, Chen Jianbin, in "the first grade" in the first episode with "done", "scream therapy" let students attend double tips to complain incessantly. Even friends shouted: "teacher Chen start so heavy, students can survive?" For a time, and online comments about Chen Jianbin teaching methods have polarized, some users believe sticks under the dutiful son, the other part is that Julian Cheung Anita Yuen’s relaxed teaching environment is more suitable for the growth of students". For such public opinion, Chen Jianbin said: I will be adjusted according to the performance of students teaching methods, the purpose is to let them go further on the road in the future". According to informed sources, in the latest episode, we "the emperor" and tricks. Who directed "a spoon" won the best new director at Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards Chen Jianbin, in the second episode, a pedestrian just rehearsal originally on the bus laughing, but Chen Jianbin burst "director of addiction, technician he asked students to attend the collective" zombie "Lou Yi Xiao plays an unsuspecting passengers, the first grade version of the" Busan line "staged immediately. Li Shamin suspected Chen Jianbin against the whole show in early child frequently, and in vivo release field force Li Shamin sub scream, no public image, but Chen Jianbin criticized the lack of effort, which missed the musical "dreamgirls". Can not help but make friends guess whether it offended Chen Jianbin, before they provoke so. After the broadcast, like "I think Li Shamin than Zhang Haoyue is more suitable when a woman", "Li Shamin son Chen Jianbin certainly be afraid of pit" and other comments emerge in an endless stream. Even Chen Jianbin himself called: users brain hole is too big! In the first episode, Li Shamin’s sweet image has been away from home, and to the second set again by the "whole", directly from the beauty into a "zombie", it seems that the mango headed little star in the lady on the road farther. In Chen Jianbin’s version of the first grade "Busan line", Zhao Zhiwei, Li Zi Shamin bear the brunt of "zombie" in the value of Yan Emperor, two eyes, face twisted flying claws let loura are screaming for help. The program was launched, even by the sub Shamin Li Keng Da shake campus Belle burden, do not know the next trend will not be reversed?相关的主题文章: