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"500 return 800 calls" new scam man charge 500 yuan a minute not credited Mr. Zheng received a strange number of sent messages recharge success yesterday, who lives in a district of Mr. Zheng Yuanyang broke the news to reporters, in September 22nd he met a few in the cell door claiming to be "Mobile Corporation employees" who engage in activities in the stall, said 100 charge calls back to 160 yuan, charge 500 to 800 yuan, see the event really concessions, Mr. Cheng will pay 500 yuan recharge. I did not expect more than and 10 days passed, but a penny is not credited. Mr. Zheng knew that he was fooled, alas, when the money to buy a lesson". "Mobile employees" broke the cell door favourable recharge charge 500 back to 800 but no account Mr Cheng told reporters that in September 22nd, he saw several young people wearing uniforms in the area near the door, claiming to be employees of the Mobile Corporation, and is greeted the pedestrian preferential recharge. After consulting came to know that the preferential activities to charge 100 yuan back to $160, full charge back to 800 yuan in 500. Anyway, think of the calls must be used, plus the event is indeed favorable, Mr. Cheng will charge 500 yuan. After pay, Mr. Zheng will call the 10086 mobile customer service telephone inquiries, they found 500 yuan bill not arrival. To the employees of the Mobile Corporation "reflect, the other picked up a phone call to Mr. Zheng, immediately received a strange phone recharge to a series of successful message content is:" you have successfully recharge 160 yuan, a total of 5, the total recharge amount is 800 yuan, 500 yuan and the real charge donated 300 yuan. Mobile Corporation employees also told Mr. Zheng, activities to the National Day holiday began, when the bill is really into account. But now the National Day holiday too early, Mr. Zheng repeatedly call 10086 inquiries, calls or a minute not to account, Mr. Zheng knew he was fooled, alas, when the money to buy a lesson". Remind the best in the business hall or the client mobile phone recharge two strokes teach you to see through false employee discount fraud subsequently, the reporter dialed 10086 mobile telephone customer service, customer service staff said the company recently did not have the charge and charge 500 160 100 return back to 800 events. Customer service staff, there are a lot of fake Mobile Corporation employees to defraud the behavior of the public calls, these people wear uniform uniforms, not easy to distinguish from the appearance. These methods can be identified: 1 the best way is to call on the spot at the end of 10086, consult whether there are similar promotions. 2 recharge after the success of the 10086 will automatically send recharge successful SMS, people do not rely on other messages sent by sms. In addition, the customer service staff also reminded that the best way to recharge business in the mobile business hall or cell phone client handle, do not covet cheap, so as not to be deceived. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the Yubei trade and Industry Bureau, the relevant staff said, when similar fraud occurs, if the fraud Gang is a company or individual industrial and commercial households, the trade and Industry Bureau will investigate. If the other person is a fraud, it is recommended that the public immediately alarm. For further reading, has nothing to do with this article to recharge the bill fare brother beware of new scam相关的主题文章: