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"Challenge the impossible" to start the second season of   Lee Hom turned the judges "bold king" — entertainment channel — original title: Lee Hom turned "King bold" judge a large inspirational challenge program "challenge impossible" to start the second quarter conference held yesterday in Beijing, Lee Hom, Qing Dong and Li Changyu three judges (officially unveiled above). This is the first time Lee Hom as judges to participate in a variety show on the show he dare Ganpin, personally try many with difficulty and danger of the challenge project, widely praised by. "Impossible" challenge second season by CCTV integrated channels and CCTV jointly produced creative media, the continuation of "ordinary life, the ultimate bloom" purposes, but also to the world’s top Challenger a hero, inviting them to show self transcendent spirit of challenge. Director of CCTV integrated channel editor and director Wang Xiaozhen said: "impossible" challenge "is not only a show, but also reflects the spirit of cctv. CCTV as a national television, the pursuit of innovation and the courage to dare to challenge the initial determination has not changed." For the second quarter of the old and new combinations judges show the creative team said that the judges combination has a clear positioning and division of labor, Dr. Li Changyu reflects the professional and authoritative judges, Qing Dong with the female angle of view shows human feelings, Lee Hom’s curiosity made him a show in the audience’s spokesperson. "Impossible" is a challenge to join Lee Hom for the first time as a variety show of the judges, he turned "King bold" experience a number of challenges, in this regard, Lee Hom said, "impossible" to challenge him to broaden their horizon, also learned a lot from the East and west. The second season will be broadcast on CCTV integrated channel every Sunday 20:00 in October, the show was recorded in wildly beating gongs and drums. (reporter Liu Guifang Intern Qiu Kexin) (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: