Central Environmental Inspectorate group Yunnan erosion of outstanding ecological problems of illega restorator


The Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate: Yunnan project erosion prominent ecological problems – Beijing Fuxian Lake 9 plateau lakes is an important ecological wealth in Yunnan Province, but in recent years, many illegal real estate projects, golf project has encroached on the plateau pearl. Only in Fuxian Lake a protected area is 240 thousand square meters of the project. Today, the Seventh Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate particularly pointed out in the Yunnan provincial government feedback after a month of inspector, sensitive and fragile ecological environment in Yunnan Province, the lack of development and protection are not well, illegal development and construction of the rivers and lakes, natural ecological scenery advantage in some areas more. Inspector group leader Jia Zhibang said that the inspectors found that some of the illegal development of lakes in Yunnan plateau prominent phenomenon, the existence of edge governance, edge damage, residents retreat, real estate into the phenomenon. "Since the Fuxian Lake Protection Ordinance" promulgated by Yunnan Province, golden Fuxian Lake Kowloon International Conference Center project built illegal hotels, apartments and villas in Fuxian Lake a protected area, a total construction area of about 140 thousand square meters, is still in the foreign sales. In May 2012, Chengjiang County, Yuxi city approved the eagle resort project, built a golf course, landscape pool, artificial beach in Fuxian Lake a protected area, a total construction area of about 87 thousand square meters. In May 2013, Yuxi city planning and Construction Committee approved the project in Fuxian Lake Lake Park, a protected area of the violation and the completion of the sales department, landscape pool, artificial beach, relates to the construction area of about 13 thousand square meters, and the project site belongs to the retreat pond, Lake area. From the view of the lake, Xingyun Lake, Qilu Lake, Longhu water quality is still inferior to class V, individual indicators deteriorated significantly. Dianchi, the sea, the sea water quality has improved, but still did not meet the planning requirements. Fuxian Lake, Lugu Lake, Erhai water quality is generally good, but part of the coastal water quality is not optimistic. In addition to the violation of the plateau lakes project, some of the nature reserves in Yunnan province and the focus of the river basin there is also the issue of illegal development. Inspector group pointed out that since 2013, the relevant enterprises and institutions in violation of "reserve regulations", in Dashanbao buffer organic ecological experimental farm farms built 9623 square meters of National Nature Reserve, built two tourist facilities in the core area, an area of about 4000 square meters. Niulanjiang basin is the water source area protection in Yunnan province. In November 2013 and July 2014, the Kunming municipal authorities in violation of the "Regulations" of Yunnan Province approved the Yunnan River to protect the cowshed, a fine chemical limited company in the Kraal River Basin key pollution control district built 50 thousand tons of years of glyphosate and its supporting device. In December 2012 and January 2014, the relevant departments and districts of Kunming city were approved Yunnan changqingchu Chemical Co., water conservation in the Kraal River basin the core area of the construction of 6000 tons and 50 thousand tons of aluminum fluoride project in phosphate project. Inspector Group believes that the construction of the outstanding stems from Yunnan, some local and department leaders believe that many of the Yunnan相关的主题文章: