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Cao Yunjin adhere to the crosstalk stage suggested that the Spring Festival Gala must have a good body [Abstract] Cao Yunjin led the cloud to listen to the performance of the press conference held in Beijing. Tencent entertainment news (the West) in January 7th, Cao Yunjin led to cloud Xuan sealing performance conference held in Beijing. Cao Yunjin at the scene said: "now there are very few people to cross talk to open the conference, and today the purpose is to let more people support a small theater comic, supporting the young comedian." A short time before, Cao Yunjin has made a small operation, after being asked why he missed the Spring Festival evening show a small trial, just finished surgery Cao Yunjin laughed: "I care about the Spring Festival evening in bed." Talk about the completion of the first class of language programs face a long time, Cao Yunjin humor to the Spring Festival Gala proposal: must have a good body!" Many people saw Cao Yunjin in the film and television works, join the variety show, attend recreational activities, so there is always a voice asked him when the transformation is not an actor, no longer say that comic? Cao Yunjin said: in fact, crosstalk, has been said that regardless of the big theater, small theater, he has its own insistence. Is a comic, belongs to the stage art, two people, a table, standing on the stage to give us a show, the audience laugh, is a look not so much volume, it is generally not again held a press conference to inform the audience, the media said, we had a talk. Familiar with the audience, and listen Yunxuan fans will understand the performance through traditional channels, to join the theater, so it is a natural form of communication. But since there is a question, then we will respond to the challenge, held this conference, is to tell you that Cao Yunjin was still in that comic, have time, will take time for the comic, but comic also really need more people to pay attention, attention at the same time, we really want to do is to say, every piece of work, innovation new content. On the show, we do not say things, don’t say what is the new fantasy, you came to the scene, give you a carefree laughter show, one hundred points is happy, we give the audience of the show’s most important commitment, the biggest thing is to listen to the performance of cloud xuan. It is reported that, in January 15, 2017, Cao Yunjin’s cloud cloud box will be held in Beijing poly theater. Cao Yunjin also made this film? And there’s a boat show!相关的主题文章: