British media Trump wins the equivalent of the U.S. version of the referendum on the removal of euro-bleep


British media: Trump won the equivalent of the U.S. version of "off the European referendum" original title: British media: Trump won the equivalent of the U.S. version of "off the European referendum" [global network reporter Wang] British "Financial Times" in November 9th, the article said, when Trump won the election, for the traditional political and economic order the challenge to the immeasurable. This is equivalent to the American version of the "off the European referendum", the only difference is that the world no country can easily feel none of my business. The article said that Hilary’s supporters are confused and puzzled, they have to face is not only a failure, but also a failure to understand. The failure prompted people to re-examine their own views on the United states. Mr Trump and his supporters have broken all the rules, sold a number of false claims, and taken a lot of discount on their policy stance. His opponents, as well as the concerns of the world, that his victory denied all the traditional wisdom, so he does not have to respect these wisdom. He said during the campaign, will tear up a nuclear deal with Iran, abandoned after the signing of the trade agreement, weaken the U.S. commitment to NATO, it seems very difficult to be stopped. The article also said that, like the United Kingdom, the referendum on the referendum, the United States to wake up in the wake of the ethnic minorities to worry about, because they seem to be a legitimate prejudice to be released. "Financial Times" said, every several decades, the United States needs to choose a help them to overcome the crisis of confidence in the people, the most famous of which may be the number of former president Roosevelt. Now that Trump has won, it shows that Americans miss a person so much, but now it seems to be very different. Trump has succeeded in achieving the most amazing rebellion in American history, and now the United States and the world can only hope that he can achieve such a high degree, and control of the devil was released by him. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: