Boyce To Supply Coconut Shell Charcoal To Major Steel Mills In Ndia-liuxiaobo


Sales Boyce carbon .es in powder, pellet and granular shapes. It has very important chemical properties and is used in many industries, including the steel industry requiring absorption of some of the gases and vapours in the process of purification. Boyce coconut shell carbon is sulphur free and is available in various forms. Sulphur free boyce carbon is used extensively for carbon pick up in factories where it is used as raw material for activated carbon. The uses of different types of carbon are as follows:- Powder form of carbon Activated carbon in powder form is used for purifying the liquids by mixing the carbon to the liquid and filtered. Granulated activated carbon Granulated activated carbon finds its use in gas purification or liquids in filters etc. It is also used in oil refining, chemical and pharmaceutical industry for depolarization purposes. Coconut shell charcoal is cost effective and an environmental friendly product from Boyce Carbon and is put to various uses in many types of industries including steel industry. It is reported that in the iron and steel industry, coal accounts for nearly 60% of the carbon emissions and electricity and the use of gas accounts for 35% of carbon emission. The Boyce carbon is used in steel industry more for production of steel rather than using it as a fuel. The coconut shell activated carbon is widely used and is considered as a substitute for other forms of carbon such as coal for liquid and vapor based applications. Steel is made up of an alloy of iron and the content which varies from 0.2% and 2.1% by weight. It differs according to the grade of the steel. Carbon is a cost-effective material used for alloying iron. The carbon acts as an agent which hardens and prevents the dislocations in the atoms of iron. The Boyce carbon maintains the qualities viz. the, hardness, tensile strength and ductility of the steel produced. The mixture of carbon and iron used in manufacturing of steel varies in proportion to provide varied grades of steel products. The cast iron has higher carbon content and has a lower melting point and cast ability. Steel has more rust-resistance and good weld ability. He content of carbon is the deciding factor in steel making furnace operation and the correct determination of carbon will save in fuel as well as time which cut production costs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: