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UnCategorized Considered to be a grave criminal offence, benefit fraud has gained a lot of media attention in recent times. When a person claims money from the government fraudulently, it is termed benefit fraud. If the government finds a person guilty, then he has to repay the amount he has falsely received from the government. If he is innocent, then he can seek the help of solicitors to help acquit him in the case. Benefit fraud is keeping the Department Of Works and Pensions extremely busy. A person’s benefit theft can be proven by the department if he has not informed the government about his current address, permanent residence or stay abroad, relationship status, receipt of other kinds of benefits from the state, financial details like savings, employment status, salary, children and inheritance among others. If a person is found guilty of fraudulently receiving benefits from the government, they can be sentenced to between twelve and thirty months in prison, along with a penalty. Sometimes, when people admit their offence, they are warned and let off with a caution. An administrative penalty for benefit theft is around thirty percent of the money overpaid by the government or state to the individual. Extreme cases of benefit fraud result in a prison sentence. When the Department of Works and Pensions carries out an investigation into a fraud theft, it will be conducted over a few months. It is imperative that the accused remembers each and every detail of the investigation done in that period of time, which can be tough with the .plex intricacies involved in criminal law. The accused must get all the facts about his claims right, to escape punitive measures. During the period of investigation and interview, his benefits will be suspended until he is proven innocent. In this situation, benefit fraud solicitors can help the accused to deal with the investigation and the nuances of law. A person can find the perfect solicitor for him by researching online and contacting the local law firms. After finding an expert lawyer with a great track record and credentials, he can contact the lawyer by phone and then arrange for a personal meeting, before hiring him. A solicitor can provide expert guidance, advice and support using his expertise in the field. The solicitor can represent the accused during benefit theft interviews conducted by an officer belonging to the Department of Works and Pensions, to explain the details of his claims for benefit. A solicitor can also represent him in court in the event of prosecution, and try to prove him not guilty of the accusations levelled against him. Benefit fraud solicitors can help the accused by citing the circumstances of the offence, the financial condition of the family during the benefit claim, illness and evidence of character. He can also reduce the punishment and penalty by assuring voluntary repayments to the government, by the accused. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: