Beijing – VIDEO – visit Guangxi Rongxian County hometown of Yang Guifei without genealogy only word


Beijing – VIDEO – visit Guangxi Rongxian County "hometown of Yang Guifei": the only word of mouth without genealogy visited the Guangxi Rongxian County "hometown of Yang Guifei": the only word of mouth without genealogy [comment] China scholars of the historical figures in Yang Guifei’s birth has been controversial, some people say that Yang Gui was born in Guangxi prefecture (now Rongxian County), volume one is Shaanxi County of Huayin, and Yang Guifei’s Shanxi Yongle people said. In September 13th, the reporter visited Guangxi Rongxian County Yang Yang was born outside the village, according to legend, one of the. Young outside the village along the gurgling water and built on both sides of the hillside, Qianmo traffic with. One word of mouth Yang’s story, proud to say this is the hometown of yang. According to reports, Yang Yang with three related sites outside the village, Yang, Yang, Yang was born in temple graves. The same period [] (Yang Yang Yang Temple outside the village villagers), where the graves called Yang Shan, the mountain name is Yang shan. The names of these two main that Yang is born here. [comment] for young outside the village villagers, Yang is like flying out of the Golden Phoenix village. If it is not out of a Yang, not often outsiders came to this isolated village. However, when a reporter asked whether there is conclusive literature records Yang was born, the villagers said with a smile, the elderly are so word of mouth. The same period [] (Yang outside the village villagers) (reporter) do you think she is you here? That’s what the old people always say. [comment] after heavy rain, the road is full of mud, the reporter found signs of Yang Temple Hill walking about a kilometer, only to see the sunlight in the royal temple, and solitary and quiet. Yang Temple management staff told reporters that the temple of the long history, no one knows the time of construction, only know that the last century renovated in 90s, recently re frozen to cement. In addition, in the 1th day of the sixth month of the Chinese lunar calendar of each year is Yang’s date of birth, the villagers and even other provinces will come to the temple to burn incense feast. People come here, so usually is temple incense constantly, so the village six relatively quiet old take turns to take care of. [the same period] (Yang Guifei Temple administrator Liu Kongchao) (this is the case of Rongxian County, said the people of), I heard that, OK, ok. Yang’s genealogy records? No. [comment] the old man standing on the hillside pointed to the far pavilions told reporters that there is Yang was born. But when the reporter went to find, in addition to clearing the tree leafy trees, drop litter on the ground, faintly visible old scene, the rest of the new building has been hard to find traces of the Tang dynasty. In Yang Deng uncle and brother Liu village outside the village under the leadership of the reporter finally to Yang graves where the Yang shan. The mountain slope of more than and 70 degrees, with a lush Eucalyptus majority, even few people tread the local people, not to know the specific location where the graves of Yang Guifei. When we found the villagers said Yang ancestral seat, found the inscription has been difficult to identify, do相关的主题文章: