Beijing – VIDEO – traffic a soldier with an altitude regretless


Beijing – VIDEO – traffic: a soldier with an altitude regretless to transport soldiers and a plateau Junsao regretless stick [comment] in the Sichuan Tibet line, active in such a group of unknown to the public officers and men, they stay away from the family, away from home, at an altitude of several kilometers on the plateau, do not forget the beginning heart, day and night stick with the dragon like "lifeline". The same period [] (Peng Wei traffic police detachment of two officers) due to the roadbed subsidence and landslides, causing the collapse of the mountain and the pressure of this road, so we use the loader to clean up these landslides. [comment] in thousands of miles apart with the snow covered plateau, there are also a number of hold up half the sky far away from their husband, wife, children, with a yearning and look forward to, and stick to the original sweet oath, they are silently in the plateau. [comment] in an in the mind of Zhu Hong, her husband Yuan Yaowu is a very filial, honest people, but to the foot of the Sichuan Tibet line, he was buried in more than 4600 meters above sea level Kyaw BA mountain. [comment] that year, when the traffic police two squadron instructor Yuan Yaowu just returned, took the road to clean and collapse in the dump gravel, because the subgrade suddenly caved in, standing on the loader directing the construction of Yuan Yaowu was thrown out of the car, fell more than 70 meters deep cliff, only the 30 year old’s life forever to the snowy day. The same period [] (two armed police detachment traffic martyr Yuan Yaowu’s wife Zhu Hong) because in our rural areas, school conditions (poor) is not easy, I took him to the county, I work on the side while watching him, let him go to school in the county. [comment] Yuan Yaowu died eight years ago, his wife Zhu Hong did not remarry, while raising his son, yuan Yaowu while taking care of parents, and the same as the 66 year old two elderly infirm, this is not a small pressure to Zhu Hong. [comment] the reporter went to the traffic police squadron four, the squadron captain Shu Shaofen and Lu Wenling holding hands together, the couple have been married for two years, but had no children of their own, in order to achieve the "children to dream", Lu Wenling resigned from the civil service, to the squadron at an elevation of four thousand meters and love reunion. The same period [] (the wife of Shu Shaofen Lu Wenling) I really, I think our squadron officers and soldiers is not particularly easy, you should see them all black, (they) every day in this work, the side of the ultraviolet light is too strong, then compare the sun, you see him, hey…… It’s not easy to feel. [comment] two armed police detachment traffic on the ground 20 years ago, four squadron stationed in Tibet Plateau, shouldering the task of maintenance and construction of the Sichuan Tibet line 100 km. Under extremely difficult conditions, the officers and men to create this section of the road to open the miracle of the year, a landslide, debris flow disaster, the squadron were dispatched officers and soldiers in the first time and mechanical pass. The same period [] (traffic police detachment of two officers Wang Jun) (near) have winter, we work overtime, maintenance in the road pavement, ensure good condition before winter. [interpretation] Road相关的主题文章: