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Beijing – VIDEO – singer Eason Chan talked about the feeling of sports: playing tennis very handsome singer Eason Chan talked about feeling of sports: playing tennis very much [comment] August 30th, singer Eason Chan as the Hongkong Tennis Association ambassador, attended the "Hongkong Jockey Club Music tennis program" press conference to share his experience and experience of sports. On the same day, Eason Chan wore jeans and a white sweater, sharing his experience of learning tennis from the age of 7. Eason Chan said, childhood idol George Lam play tennis very well, let him think tennis is very "cool", has always insisted on the tennis learning. [over] the Hongkong Tennis Association Tennis Promotion Ambassador Eason Chan I think is one thing very much, when a small think George Lam is great, he also played tennis, stylish. [comment] according to reports, the donor funded by the Hongkong Jockey Club Music tennis program, more than 4000 primary school students in Hongkong, sports teacher, retired people hold free tennis training courses, and provide tennis products, hope to promote healthy living in Hongkong and general idea, let the movement. As the Promotion Ambassador Eason Chan also personally involved in the project, to the school and the children interact, let them understand and feel the fun of sports. In the same period, the Hongkong Tennis Federation ambassador Eason Chan to some schools, and children to contact them, give them more influence, and give them more fun to play tennis. It’s all my own experience. I like to play. After (a) may be back to see how the progress. Basically, I am the most powerful is the demonstration, the impact of everyone. Commentary on the same day, the Hongkong SAR Government Financial Secretary Ceng Junhua also attended the press conference. Ceng Junhua said that in the past few days the mainland Olympic elite to visit Hongkong, bringing a series of activities. We can see that sports can unite the country and the people, bring more joy to the whole society. The government of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region (SAR) will continue to invest resources, promote sports, and encourage people from all walks of life to build a healthy lifestyle. Reporter Yan Xing Zheng Baoyu Hector Hongkong reported相关的主题文章: