Beijing District People’s Congress of the people’s Republic of China to vote for the election of the


Beijing District People’s Congress of the people’s Republic of China voted for the election of the secret ballot Office – China Network yesterday, in Haidian District, Huayuan Road Street No. 28 hospital community polling stations, staff are busy. Chief Photographer Cai Daizheng photo the city’s more than 12 thousand polling stations ready "secret ballot" today is in town and Township People’s Congress election polling day, is also the decisive stage of election work. Beijing morning news reporter yesterday from the municipal election office was informed that the city’s various constituencies to vote the preparatory work has been fully completed, the relevant provisions of the city’s more than 12 thousand polling stations will strictly enforce the electoral law, to ensure that the majority of voters fully exercise their democratic rights. Preparation of presbyopic glasses to write at a polling station in Haidian District yesterday morning, Huayuan Road Street Community B Hospital No. 28, a total area of nearly 100 square meters of the polling station is set, the staff dress uniform, the ongoing "preview". Beijing Morning Post reporter noted that each of the processes associated with the vote has a special guide logo, logo before someone on duty to answer. Qiu Guoping, director of the community, on November 15th at 7 in the morning until the start of the night to the point of 24, polling stations will be open to receive voter turnout. There will be 20 staff on the work of the service guide. Beijing morning news reporters from the entrance to the experience, from the left hand side, which is verified, invoice, voter registration, commentary, ballot, scrivener, secret ballot and vote at. A licence to verify voters to voters, after verification, the staff came to the invoice stamped; next, the staff will be issued a vote to the voters, write the names of the candidates; if you don’t understand how to fill in, can ask the staff to explain, in detail; everything is ready, you can pick up the pen select the hearts of qualified deputies, and will vote into the ballot box set the scene in red. In addition, for those who have not registered voters, but also to the voter registration office to help them fill. Considering the elderly voters more ballot for voters to presbyopic glasses. Considering that some old people can’t write, scrivener office staff can also be in accordance with the wishes of the electorate for the ballot. Mobile ballot box on-site service note, the scene also has a "secret ballot", this is a blue screen enclosure of the space is particularly interesting. The screen inside area of about two square meters, set up a separate vote sample and the tables and chairs, pens and presbyopic glasses. The eye-catching position on the wall also posted a "no onlookers" warning language. And in the secret ballot next to, also set up three mobile ballot box. The staff told reporters, for travel inconvenience elderly and disabled people, pregnant women and other special populations, to provide door-to-door service polling mobile ballot boxes. Every time with the mobile newspaper vote, to ensure two officers scrutineers and two staff at present. Voting will continue until 15, 24 p.m.. Qiu Guoping, 6 on the morning of 16 polling stations will be open ticket, and invited to the scene of voter supervision. More than 12 thousand polling stations ready相关的主题文章: