Beijing city Andingmen Street Guozijian Street No. 49 hospital – the demolition of illegally built


Beijing city Andingmen Street Guozijian Street No. 49 hospital – the demolition of illegally built property — original title: Guozijian Street No. 49 Hospital of demolition of illegally built August 18th, this newspaper published entitled "the Imperial College Street Hospital No. 49 people illegally built two simple real" article, reflect individual households in their cottage on the two floor shelters illegal stamp, the wall is very thin, easy to collapse, there are some security risks. Andingmen Street Office attaches great importance to the article, they immediately organized relevant personnel to the scene to investigate and verify. After investigation, many years ago, the hospital’s property unit according to the affordable housing policy, to solve the housing problem in the Huilongguan area of resettlement housing without households, but the families of these households because relatively far away from the city, do not agree to move away, has failed to complete the housing vacate. Because the hospital in the daily management of housing tenant people neglect the mess caused by the environment, the problem of illegal construction is more prominent. According to the on-site investigation and verification, are being renovated two layers is illegal building two homes connected, on the eastern side of the building covers an area of more than and 40 square meters; the building covers an area of more than and 60 square meters. The day before, Andingmen law enforcement team arrived at the scene, the unauthorized construction of founder in casting two layer of the roof, the inspectors immediately ordered the suspension, and withheld the construction tools, and interviewed the owner. In the afternoon, two residents of the families of the Andingmen urban management team surveyed, they failed to provide the new two storey housing planning permission procedures. Urban management department requires the demolition of illegal construction, and accept the review. After the Dongcheng District Planning Bureau found that the hospital did not get two new housing construction project planning permits, but still continue construction. Andingmen Street Office of urban management, public security departments immediately organized and community and other departments, by the end of August to the Imperial Academy Street No. 49 hospital two illegal construction was demolished. Up to now, the demolition of illegal construction of 5 houses, an area of more than 130 square meters. (commissioning editor Zhu Jiang and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: