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25ml micro high pressure reaction kettle -EasyChem reaction kettle|25ml micro high pressure reaction kettle -EasyChem reaction kettle

EasyChem reactor is suitable for a small amount of samples of the reaction, is the most expensive or low yield raw materials testing of the most ideal reactor.

for high temperature and high pressure test, how to satisfy the experiment of "safety" and "easy" is a difficult problem, technical personnel of experiment instruments through cooperation with various institutions accumulated experience with top metal processing technology successfully produced A type double sealing device is the one and only, static sealing, no leakage, no nudity the rotating parts, safe and reliable, kettle, heater can be completely separated, greatly facilitate the removal of the reactor, improve work efficiency, provide the most excellent micro autoclave for chemical workers.

; &nbspProduct Name: 25ml

7, each with different valve logo, convenient for specific purposes, ensuring the safe use of
10, temperature controller temperature range at room temperature: ~350° C
11, over temperature alarm

EasyChem reactor E series of detailed parameters:

EasyChem reactor

series of detailed parameters E


desktop high temperature and high pressure


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Reactor mainly has two kinds of methods of chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning|Reactor mainly has two kinds of methods of chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning



reactor are mainly chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning of two kinds of methods:  
2, mechanical cleaning by high pressure cleaning device, high pressure water through the nozzle flush dirt 150-200MPa.   two methods have advantages and disadvantages of chemical cleaning, less labor, short cleaning time, cleaning thoroughly, but may cause equipment corrosion; mechanical cleaning will not cause corrosion of equipment, can effectively clean the hard scale, but a long time, the labor intensity is big. So the chemical cleaning is applied in the dirt soft and thin working condition, and the mechanical cleaning is applied in the hard and thick working conditions.

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Application and maintenance of stainless steel reaction vessel|Application and maintenance of stainless steel reaction vessel

Application and maintenance of

stainless steel reactor



stainless steel reactor information equipment mainly consists of three parts: the tank, jacket, mixing system.
1, contact material and material of stainless steel reactor adopts 304 or 316L stainless steel in accordance with GMP standard.
– parts of stainless steel reactor with stirring form multi frame mixing, to ensure that the material in a short period of time even harmonic; at the same time can be selected, frame type, slurry type anchored
A, stainless steel reactor before driving
2, check the water, electricity and gas meets the safety requirements. The first mixer reactor should be
2, open the steam valve, first open the valve, open the inlet valve. Open the steam valve should be slow, so that the jacket preheating, step by step, the pressure is not allowed to exceed the specified value.
3, the steam valve and the cooling valve can not start at the same time, steam pipeline gas no hammer and collision.
4, open cooling water valve, first open after the opening of the inlet valve return valve. Cooling water pressure shall not be less than 0.1 MPa, is not allowed to be higher than 0.2 mpa.
5, water ring vacuum pump, to open the pump water, when the pump stops, the first stop after pump water, and should be excluded in water pump.
6, check the reactor operation, abnormal should be shut down for maintenance.
7, reactor cleaning, or the use of alkaline brush reactor, be careful not to damage the kettle.
2, the demolition must cut off the mixer power, suspension of warning signs, and.

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Working principle of EasyChem type reactor|Working principle of EasyChem type reactor

EasyChem reactor is our innovative products, reactor by the reactor body, kettle cover, mixing system, heating system, control system and the main body of the cabinet.

reaction kettle body, kettle cover composition of the main part of the equipment, is the place of the media reaction. The whole process of the forging materials, the kettle body and the kettle cover both of the 6 trees (according to the number of different types of bolts with a uniform distribution of the main bolt assembly close. A sealing gasket is arranged between the kettle body and the kettle cover, and is sealed into a whole through the main bolt and the main nut. According to the different choice of the reaction medium, 316 stainless steel, titanium, and ha alloy materials can be used. The kettle cover is provided with a pressure gauge, an air valve and a needle valve, which can ensure the normal operation of the EasyChem under high temperature and high pressure.

    EasyChem is the core component of the strong magnetic rotary stirring reactor soft magnetic drive coupler is a permanent magnetic material by magnetic coupling by the gear transmission shaft. It is I will be the principle of magnetic coupling and soft drive applied to the reactor on the typical innovation. The principle of magnetic coupler using magnet through stainless steel can still attract each other, producing a fine, compact and a sealing cover body with thread and the kettle cover connected with good, intermediate by metal or non metal gasket gasket and the kettle cover static seal, effectively prevent leakage. The sealing cover body are respectively provided with inner and outer rotor permanent magnet materials, rotor magnetic steel ring is composed of a small magnetic steel block, steel block N, S very scattered arrangement. Because of the characteristics of the magnetic steel attraction, repulsion, and magnetic positioning each other in the axial and rotational direction through the magnetic force. When the shaft drives the outer rotor, just follow the inner rotor for synchronous rotation, the inner rotor is driven by coupling reactor stirring shaft rotation, stirring to reach. Give up the packing seal structure of magnetic coupler, the magnetic rotor inside and outside penetration sealing cover new transmission body transfer torque with magnetic kettle and kettle body parts completely in the static seal cavity internal rotation, not out of the kettle body outside, completely solve the leakage problem of packing seal can not be overcome, the reaction medium is in absolutely closed state no leakage and pollution. The motor is the power source of the reaction stirring, and the output speed of the motor is controlled by the speed controller in the main machine. The motor is fixed on the mainframe box and drives the shaft to rotate through shaft coupling, and drives the rotating magnetic coupler, magnetic coupling through magnetic force inside and outside of the rotor, the motor torque produced by a sealing cover body without contact is transferred to the reactor driven stirrer rotation. According to different reaction medium, different stirring paddle is selected, and the function of the material in the fully stirred tank is achieved. The technical point of this technique is that the motor is buried in the motor and all the electrified lines.