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Master column pure Riesling –

Master column | pure Dragon Seal Riesling – Sohu and Abstract: not a Wine expert Ailei commander. Dragon Seal Riesling has a crystal pure flavor, the top wine such as laser light general exquisite taste, enough to be entranced. Red wine world network (micro signal: wine-world) to share with everyone in the eyes of master Li Zhiyan riesling. Li Zhiyan Jeannie Cho Lee * * Wine Asia first Wine master master (Master of Wine) is one of the highest professional title Wine industry. MS Li Zhiyan won the highest honor in 2008 and became the first wine master in asia. She was born in Korea, received a master’s degree from the Harvard University, and has lived in Hongkong for more than 21 years. MS Li Zhiyan is a columnist for the magazine "Forbes", and is also a contributor to famous wine magazines such as "alcohol" and "Wine Spectator". Since 1995, Ms. Li Zhiyan began to write about the delicacy and wine tasting works, the works of "East West" (Asian Palate food brewing, 2009) and "east west goods" (Mastering Wine for the from Asian Palate, 2011) has won international awards. She also won the French cuisine cooking school certificate, and study Japanese wine wine wine will be awarded the Master Sommelier (Master Sake Sommelier). No one Wine expert Ailei commander (Riesling). Dragon Seal Riesling has a crystal pure flavor, the top wine such as laser light general exquisite taste, enough to be entranced. Chardonnay White Grape Varieties Chardonnay and popular (Chardonnay) (Sauvignon Blanc) and everlasting longing for you, never to Dragon Seal Riesling oak plaster face, is also very rare to launch it with "dirty" or fat. This variety is always with a strong and good acidity and fresh flavor, long stretches in the mouth. The first Dragon Seal Riesling early in Wine for the post before I fall in love with the earliest white Wine is Dragon Seal Riesling. The interesting thing is that when I was in college, I took part in the Munich Beer Festival (Oktoberfest). At that time my classmates are immersed in beer, but I don’t love the taste of beer, almost did not drink much, so to find a few friends considerate Wine booth, at least let me to experience the atmosphere of celebration. German white wine sweet, low alcohol and with the flavor of flowers, immediately attracted me, but also let me taste the sweetness and freshness of the wine. This is the drink I can appreciate. I fell in love with Dragon Seal Riesling, began to find it in the words of the label. In 80s the "Dragon Seal Riesling" word, not only in the German wine is still common in California (California) or South Australia Wine labels. At that time the word refers to the semi sweet or sweet white grape!相关的主题文章:

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Correct the child holding posture, parents can try. Sohu –

Correct the child holding posture, parents can try. Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual contact with a lot of the first grade and the second grade children, they found that holding time very difficult, parents see below this method is not very effective, can give the child to try. The formation of the child wrong pen holding posture for a variety of reasons. Some congenital development is not good, as the dynamic coordination is poor; there are some early Wobi; and teachers and parents about teaching. When the children hand muscle development is not perfect when the pen to write, if parents and teachers do not pay attention to cultivate the correct posture, plus utilitarian psychological needs, forcing children long time writing homework, very easy to form the wrong posture. Writing skills, is a kind of automatic operation mode, most children will naturally correct holding; and some children holding posture is not correct, with the increase of age, the hand muscles gradually developed, it will naturally correct posture. But regardless of the causes of incorrect pen holding posture, are due to start holding adults did not give correct guidance, and other bad habits are established, after correcting them is quite difficult. To this end, I consulted the first grade is to teach children the correct pen holding pose teachers, they should use a small rubber ring, for many years to solve the difficult problems, summed up several methods for correcting pen holding posture, for your reference. Materials: a rubber ring: Figure 1: the first step: a rubber ring second step: in a small circle in the rubber band on the third step: set into the pen, straining and fixing the fourth step: the four fingers except the thumb along the direction of the big fifth step into the tip: hold hands, make the right pen shaped graph two: the first step: the rubber ring into second steps: 8 words 8 words will be stacked into two ring third step: put the rubber band into fourth steps: the pen trap pinch a circle strained outwards fifth step: the thumb and four finger tip into the circle of the palm to the direction along the sixth step: hold hands to do figure three shape correct holding: the first step: the palm to the inside, the rubber band is sheathed in the right hand four fingers (except the thumb) second step: a pen In the third step from the top: the palm winding rubber band two ring fourth step by the pen top: hold hands like a pen in Figure four: the first step: put the rubber band into the thumb, forefinger and middle finger. The second step: the top end of the pen holder is inserted into the upper part of the rubber band extending from the jaws of death, after just hold down the third step: the root rubber NIB the downward pressure of 180 degrees, the top of the upper pen just stir up root fourth step: elastic pen into the correct posture of above methods is the use of the rubber ring to a fixed barrel, it can not only help children solve the problem of unable to hold the pen, but also helps children to quickly master the correct pen holding posture, please friends give it a try. Pay attention to writing time not too long, painting相关的主题文章:

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0-6 years old baby to see these books, so baby love reading! Sohu –

0-6 years old baby to see these books, so baby love reading! Sohu [picture] reading classic maternal attention, let the children love to read! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to the classic picture book reading, search (jingdianhuibenyuedu), attention! (author: Ma Ma Rui) alone personal micro signal: ruiruimm123 to facilitate the exchange of oh! A few days ago because someone counseling for 0-1 years old baby to see what books, recommend a few of the Swiss mother, are as follows: 1, the first "baby peek-a-boo book", this is a game book, suitable for 1 year old baby and infant parents preferred books, for 13 consecutive years ranked in the Amazon the first book is selling children’s games. 2, "jump", this is a simple picture, just one word "jump" fun animal shapes and jumping posture by the small child affection, suitable for 0-2 years. 3, "brown bear, brown bear, what do you see in this picture", the statement is simple, repetitive rhyme, it is suitable for small children age characteristics, suitable for 0-2 years. 4, "the very hungry caterpillar", one of the classic books, almost every children love the book on the other hand, suitable for 0-3 years. 5, "hug", almost no what text picture book, let the children feel the love of parents in the picture, suitable for 0-3 years. 6, "crackling" classic game series, infant picture books, the book, let the children learn from the game, bathing, brushing poopoo, greeting and other habits, entertaining, suitable for 0-3 years. 7, "baby" this set of books, very famous, a total of 15 copies, the statement is simple, including bathing, enuresis, children usually eat familiar scenes, suitable for 0-3 years. 8, "Holland classic" Miffy picture books, picture books, tells the story of Miffy to the beach, go to the zoo, birthday, sick and other daily life stories, the story is simple, warm, created a happy children’s image, suitable for 0-3 years. Today, on this basis, continue to recommend to you some of the classic books, extended to 6 years of age, I hope you choose a book to treasure dad Baoma who can help. 1, my dad (classic books, 1-3 2 years old), my mother (classic books, 1-3 3 years old), hungry snake (infant picture books, very interesting, 1-3 4 years old), David can not (naughty boy, aged 1-3 years), 5 (crocodile crocodile and the dentist dentist the dentist and mutual fear of each other, very interesting, 1-3 years old), 6 stooge (for home has two treasure family, this can buy 1-4, 7 years old), Betty and Huang (to teach children to distinguish colors, 1-4 8 years old), guess how much I love you (about mother love, compare, 1-3 at the age of 9, Fifi (angry) about a little girl angry, how to deal with this kind of mood, can buy a book, 2-4 years old)!相关的主题文章:

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Understanding of childhood depression, so far away from the child – Sohu maternal and child-pigeon blood

Understand children’s depression, let the child as far away as possible – Sohu maternal and child when we mention depression, mostly concerned about the mental state of adults, and often overlooked children are also a high incidence of depression. For many people, childhood depression is almost unheard of. How can a child be depressed?" "What do they have to be depressed about?" "Depression is normal, the child grew up good". The data tell you, no longer sensational depression in children according to the WHO report, there are 350 million depression patients worldwide each year due to depression Dutch act death toll as high as 1 million. Expected in 2020, depression will become the second cause of disability worldwide. Behind these figures, not only adults, but also children. At present, there are about 20% children and adolescents with depression in our country, of which, 4% of them need to be treated with severe depression. In the United States, about one in every 33 children has depression, which is particularly pronounced among boys under the age of 10, with about one in every one of the 8 adolescents suffering from depression. Before the age of 10, the prevalence rate of male and female was similar, and with the increase of age, the prevalence rate of female increased gradually and the ratio of male to female was 1: 2. These figures, people feel very sad, it was a big black depression [], have been taking advantage of unsuspecting when we quietly invaded the children of the world. Mom and dad do not effect don’t think depression may not occur in the child depression this big black dog how terrible? It is so terrible that even 3 year old children will not let go. Fujian’s southeast Morning Post has published a news: Quanzhou has appeared in the youngest patients with depression is 3 years old! Who can believe that 3 year old child will suffer from depression? Depression is terrible. But what is even more frightening is that depression is raging in the world, and many people know nothing about it. Once the children wore the depression shackles, the future will be difficult to escape, as parents on children’s existence, causes, symptoms of depression, how to affect a child, you are preventing, should not be underestimated or ignored. Children’s depression depression in children is a common childhood emotional disorder, often with anxiety, irritability and behavior disorder as its main characteristic, have a serious impact on children’s physical and mental health can be. The recognition rate of depression in children and adolescents is low, and it is difficult to diagnose. The expert is also difficult to determine what kind of children will be more likely to have depression, but the following may be due to genetic factors, fuse: hereditary factors play a role in the pathogenesis of childhood depression, depression of approximately 50% of children’s parents at least one person had been suffering from depression. Previous incidence of child depression, personality often stubborn, defy, or passive, impotence, dependence and loneliness. In addition, the death of parents or divorce events can also cause depression in children. The loss of an object, such as someone or something, plays a very important role in the occurrence of depression. Because this person or thing is very important to children, so that children.相关的主题文章:

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Harbin the residue in the palette of autumn Tourism –

Harbin: the residue in the palette of autumn Tourism – Sohu his almost didn’t write anything for a month, do not know because of lazy bones, or some reluctance, anyway, certainly have a good reason. In Beijing the day busy let myself out of breath, do not adapt to the fast pace of life, or the love of Harbin slow tone, embrace the afternoon sun, a cup of coffee, enough time to spend the whole afternoon, no matter how cold outside, I believe that this moment will be warming in which. I love this autumn it seems to fall into a riot of colours, palette as beautiful, you don’t need to polish the beauty of it, it is so shining in your eyes. A few leaves fall in the fall on the ground seemed so picture sense, even around the bleak, bleak, lonely and how? When the busy busy let yourself confused in mind, rather baffling, even busy deprived me of my beauty right when I did some crazy. So I have to warn myself to put aside all the things to find what I truly love in my soul. On the back of my pig, take my camera to the autumn rash and too much in haste. When the Harbin ice world renowned Chinese and foreign tourists, the eight party only ran to it, but I love this colorful autumn. Not the same as the charming autumn moment touched the hearts of countless people, with a brush and paint on the palette color out of your heart, with full of warmth and love into the embrace of nature, to capture the heart of life better. Walking in the cold wind in the fall, I suddenly have some love their own, inexplicable sadness. Hand has frozen does not work properly, the need to take pictures with a camera. Many friends laugh at me taking a good posture exaggerated, jumping back and forth, sometimes parcels to the back on the body, a heavy camera has let their beauty is not up, so intently to find their own love of the scenery is good. I have always felt travel is a magic key to open their hearts, I especially love the feeling of walking on the road of freedom, it also took me to find out of the ordinary world, let me spellbound, go on. After slowly into it, really understand the magic key should be in our own hands, the scenery on the road again good also is home, everyone can not live forever in their journey to their weaving. I am very lucky, can do what I love to do in his spare time, it is also because of a persistent of your heart, let me full of infinite hope for the future of life, in this era of fast food, everyone desperately run, can sometimes run too fast, but missed that is the way of life. Sina micro-blog @ stupid pig journey of discovery相关的主题文章: