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At western Hainan’s largest bookstore what kind of? – Hainan Channel – preview of Western Hainan’s largest bookstore what kind of? Source: – Hainan channel Mao Lei Meng where a October 10, 2016 book 13:51 street Hainan channel in Haikou in October 10, the day before, the reporter learned from the Hainan Danzhou innovation cultural plaza was informed that the new bookstore bookstore — Danzhou’s largest western Hainan has entered the final stage of the renovation, will meet with the general public, the reporter recently also get exclusive renderings this set of books, art exhibitions, cultural salon, leisure tea and coffee as one of the bookstore, let users see it. In Haikou arcade shuixiangkou, in the new library of Haikou has become a new cultural landmark in Danzhou, the new library will be a continuation of this context, in the west of Hainan city centre of glory. It is understood that the new library area of Danzhou country of 2900 square meters, a set of books, art exhibitions, cultural salon, leisure tea and coffee as a whole, unique style of decoration and elegant, Hainan plans to build the largest western culture base. Danzhou’s new library is located in Danzhou innovative cultural plaza is located in Danzhou City, the liberation of South Road, east of Jiefang Road, South Shengli Road intersection, periphery has Dayong pedestrian street, buyhome supermarket, supermarket, Jamo music sell pizza, Yang Song, visual studio entertainment formats, therefore, rely on local "Golden Triangle business" advantage, has become the leading brand in Danzhou district. (Mao Lei Meng Fansheng) (commissioning editor Wu Zhangui and Jiang Chengliu) 先睹为快 海南西部最大的书店到底长啥样?–人民网海南频道–人民网 先睹为快 海南西部最大的书店到底长啥样? 来源:人民网-海南频道  毛雷 孟凡盛  2016年10月10日13:51 书街 人民网海南频道海口10月10日电 日前,记者从海南儋州创新文化广场获悉,海南西部最大的书店――儋州国新书苑目前已进入最后的装修阶段,即将与广大市民见面,记者日前也独家拿到了这个集图书、艺术展览、文化沙龙、休闲茶咖为一体的书店的效果图,让网友们一睹为快。 在海口骑楼水巷口,国新书苑已经成为海口新的文化地标,儋州国新书苑将延续此文脉,在海南西部中心城市再创辉煌。 据了解,儋州国新书苑面积达2900平方米,集图书、艺术展览、文化沙龙、休闲茶咖为一体,装修风格独特典雅,计划将其打造为海南西部最大的文化基地。 儋州国新书苑所在的儋州创新文化广场店坐落于儋州市那大解放南路,东邻解放路、南靠胜利路交叉口,周边拥有大勇步行街、百家汇超市、乐卖特超市、尊宝披萨、扬歌、中视影城等娱乐餐饮业态,因此,依靠当地商业“金三角”的区位优势,已成为儋州商圈中的龙头品牌。(毛雷 孟凡盛) (责编:吴占桂、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: