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At night the children why bedwetting is ill? – 1-2 years later development ability of Sohu at night for children to urinate maternal control than the daytime urine control ability, the majority of children before the age of 6 years to complete, so the day can control the urine of children, the night will also be regular urine enuresis; children, often remind toilet children, due to the development of their defecation control system lag, bedwetting duration may be longer. Methods: 1 children with bedwetting, if the child urine at night time is relatively fixed, for children under the age of 3, parents can at this time holding the child stool, avoid the child enuresis; 2, if older children, parents can wake up the children and let their children urinate, wake up the development process help children to form the ability of urine at night. 3, if the child urine at night time not sure, can use diapers, diapers or a special pad, avoid dirty bed, if the child urine dirty mat, put on clean can, don’t scold the child. 4, parents don’t bedwetting children have too much anxiety, this is a process of development, the parents of a child’s bed wetting should always keep the attitude of acceptance, believe that this stage of children in the past. After 5, the child who will produce psychological pressure, not knowing why he is such a situation, do not know how to deal with the pressure, the parents and children can read about bedwetting children picture books, the books from the children’s psychological point of view, let the children understand their own bed wetting behavior, help children alleviate the bedwetting psychological pressure. Parents can understand the child bedwetting psychology from picture books, learning methods to correctly handle the child bedwetting. The principle of a deal with the child bedwetting: the children get up in the night and the solution principle two: let the children of their own responsibility principle of life three: can not let the children guilty for bedwetting principle four: don’t let the children a sense of guilt and fear of feeling bedwetting children and children in enuresis you will experience the pleasure of bedwetting, enuresis is why some people feel the way of stimulation. Freud said: the children of reproductive system is not yet mature, childhood sexual excitement will mostly reflected in the above, the urinary system approaching and death system at this stage, most of the bladder is full of meaning, children night enuresis, in addition to outside factors associated with disease, sexual excitement. The reasons causing children enuresis what time can end at present, can make nothing of it, or as children grow up, to find other ways to get sexual pleasure, this way will naturally disappear. Source: "good solution" 1 virgin Phoenix Jiangsu science and Technology Press author Hu Ping相关的主题文章: