As a new round of Anhui aid work a good start


Taking Anhui Tibet aid work of a new round of good start, from September 14th, Shannan Municipal Committee, vice mayor of Anhui Province, the Sixth Batch of aid work team leader Fang Xu told Anhui radio and television reporters. Fang Xu said that the strong leadership of the Anhui provincial government, Anhui Province, the first five batches sent a total of 110 group of cadres and 360 professional and technical personnel, a total investment of 1 billion 160 million yuan, the implementation of the project 187. The five group of cadres personnel fully carry forward the "spirit of the old Tibet", has made an important contribution to promote the development of Tibet and won the majority of the cadres and masses of long period of stability, the Tibetan high praise, has set a benchmark for us sixth group work! How to do a good job in Anhui province for the sixth group work, Fang Xu pointed out, should focus on a goal. Anhui Province, the Sixth Batch of aid work team will focus on the city in 13th Five-Year, and strive to "built during the Tibet autonomous region higher level well-off society" the overall goal of work. To highlight three key points. Focus on medical and health "group" aid work, to achieve a goal of three Shannan City People’s Hospital; focus on the education of "cluster" in Tibet, the South Second Senior Middle School to lead the high school education, education benchmarking "group type" Tibet standard bar, quality education quality, highlight the national education the characteristics of the benchmark and Anhui Tibetan education organic combination of benchmarking; focus on poverty alleviation work by their counterparts in Tibet, in 24 counties of Anhui, one of the 24 townships "aid Langkazi, Cuona, comai County three, to ensure the realization of goals at the end of 2018, all out of poverty. To use the four starting point. Use of cadres personnel Tibet, Tibet and Tibet economic industry, "group of Tibet" health and education, various kinds of social resources especially the four key enterprises in tibet. To complete the five mission. Promote the rapid economic development, promote social long period of stability; Shannan Shannan city; to promote the continuous improvement of people’s livelihood, promote national unity; harmony; promote the basic, constantly consolidate city. Fang Xu also told reporters briefly introduced the Sixth Batch of Anhui province Tibet aid work team since the work carried out. He said, the Sixth Batch of Anhui province since July 11th since the Tibet aid work team, always keep in mind the trust of the provincial government and the people of the province, and vigorously promote the spirit of the old Tibet "and" two spirit ", will adhere to the South as a second home, sincere dedication, true integration. Through to the building of cadre personnel Tibet Tibet, to improve the working mechanism, grasp the Tibet project and twinning poverty precision docking, clutching "group Tibet" health and education, to seize the two exchanges and integration of Anhui Tibet and other work orderly and effectively to achieve a good start in tibet.相关的主题文章: