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Vacation-Rentals Many people eagerly accept the offer of a short weekend trip to tour a Timeshare opportunity just to get a free getaway vacation. Of course, the price you pay for this "freebie" is that you must take a timeshare tour that usually lasts more than an hour. However, that supposed no-pressure, free tour often stretches into two hours or more, with the sales pitch droning on and on as the sales agent increasingly annoying and more high-pressured than originally promised. There are timeshare .panies out there that may be low-key, but more often than not, the tour and sales pitch leaves you feeling sorry that you ever agreed to sign up for this deal. There are a variety of major hotel chains that have developed timeshare resorts across the globe. Among them are Marriott, Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, Wyndham and Starwood. Timeshares are marketed exclusively for the attraction of tourists. Because of the need to draw tourists and gain more business, major hotel chains have developed timeshare resorts in heavily developed vacation spots around the world. Timeshare ownership can ac.modate whatever size needed to make your family .fortable. They can range in size from studio up to a three bedroom or even larger units. Most units .e with fully equipped kitchens, professionally decorated and fully furnished with towels, linens, dishes, silverware, dishes, TV’s and much more. You can find many timeshare vacation exchange networks on the Internet and one of the biggest is RCI. Membership in RCI is restricted to those who already own a vacation timeshare at an RCI affiliated resort. Unlike other .panies that buy or sell timeshares, RCI specializes in memberships that allow individuals and families to explore RCI affiliated vacation spots worldwide rather than fend for themselves in finding resort ac.modations. Basically, you trade them the week you had purchased at another resort timeshare property in a swap for another destination listed with RCI. So, if you decide that purchasing a timeshare is the right decision for you, you will first want to make sure that you really love the destination where the timeshare is located. You should always visit the resort yourself before buying, and make sure that the unit you buy will meet the vacation needs of your family. Do not forget to read the paperwork carefully before signing anything. If there is anything you do not understand, do not sign the papers until you understand those sections of the paperwork. Finally, you may want to look into the resale timeshare market, because you can often find a unit exactly like the one you want available for a much cheaper price than the timeshare .pany can offer you. Also, if you already own a timeshare and decide to sell, here are some helpful hints to sell your property. Research the market and make sure to price to sell. Don’t try to over price your timeshare property, make sure to price at fair market retail if you want to get it sold. Advertise your property in a cost effective manner. Try posting in the classified on the inter.. There are many sites where you can post your timeshare for free. Look for sites that are specifically targeted on timeshare properties. Also, if you are in a hurry to sell your timeshare, consider a broker. They can be expensive, but a good broker will help you get the exposure needed to get your timeshare property sold! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: