Another dark horse! Thousands the impact of the Busan Film Festival


Another dark horse! "Thousands" the impact of the Busan Film Festival "thousands" poster "thousands" posters of the Busan Film Festival Tencent entertainment news twenty-first Busan International Film Festival will be held in Korea in October 6th Busan kicked off, as Asia’s largest International Film Festival this year released a total of 69 countries around the world from 301 works, then fans they will be able to enjoy excellent films from all over the world. Among them, a dark horse for the 2016 Busan International Film Festival in South Korea BIFF Asian film window unit of the Chinese film "thousands" (Duck Neck), is particularly brisk. Youth love movie "highway thousands" (Duck Neck) from the 90 film directed by Wei Shujun, the famous host Cheng Cheng participate in the production, global traveler Wang Ziqiang starring first cross-border delicacy. The film tells the story of Li Yihuan, Wen Jie, Yang Dansan, a young man’s dream of youth. Often hang out at the three together, with the rich two generations of Li Yihuan’s bankruptcy, a tree they embark on a journey to flee. All the way to escape is also the three young people to open their hearts, looking for their own journey. A blend of emotions, in their hearts rippling. With the end of the journey, the sentiment of circulation, the subtle relationship also ended in cruel youth. It is reported that "thousands" (Duck Neck) is the second day, "Du Qifeng Jia Zhangke" to "three of us are walking together," Wang Xiaoshuai "intruder", another Chinese film Busan Film Festival Asian film window unit works. Compared to Jia Zhangke, Johnny To, Wang Xiaoshuai, as the youngest ever nominated for the unit’s Chinese director, Wei Shujun love movie "Youth Road thousands" (Duck Neck), can be nominated for "Asian film window" extraordinarily rare, let us see the Chinese film new faces, the film’s visible potential dark horse. In addition, the reporter was informed that the twenty-third session of the French Vesoul International Film Festival and the fifteenth India International Film Festival in Pune has also been invited to the film in the main competition unit. Busan International Film Festival is one of the most important film festivals in Asia, set up "Asian film window", "new wave", "South Korean Film Panorama", "world cinema" "wide-angle lens" and other 7 plates. In recent years, the Busan Film Festival has grown rapidly and become the most influential International Film Festival in asia. The Busan Film Festival will be held from October 6th to 15, when "thousands" will be held in Busan world premiere, produced by Cheng Cheng, director Wei Shujun, starring Wang Ziqiang and other creative team will attend, and fans to share the film wonderful story behind the scene. (Tencent news app movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!)相关的主题文章: