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LINK. animation company SILVER ten anniversary of the original animation program in Japan’s many animation companies SILVERLINK. Is to make the matinee comedy theme from the beginning of the SILVER LINK and the Idiot Test summon the "beast". Gradually established their position in this year SILVER LINK. Is there a double phenomenon animation works to launch the two season, but never made no original animation SILVER LINK. Announced the establishment of the company’s ten anniversary of the original animation program is underway. SILVERLINK. Founded in December 2007, SILVER LINK in. Launched the first own as the main production of the game "my Deity- a -Kisson animated adaptation", the same year one of the new real shinbo disciple Onuma heart to join the SILVER LINK. The next year as the supervision of   by Onuma; SILVERLINK. Production of light adaptation of the novel animation "fool test summon beast" broadcast, SILVER LINK. By virtue of this animation formally established their position in the industry. 2013 LINK SILVER. Start making "magic girl’s" animated series, was also produced a "leisurely" daily king ", or" girl "," a couple of the blood rush when the popularity of works. Starting in 2013   SILVERLINK. Animation is more and more, but still in the daily Comedy Animation known as "agriculture and forestry", "plebeian sample", "anHappy", "Tanaka," always so lazy "three Ping room invaders". The ten anniversary will be     SILVERLINK. The first original animation works, since the company was founded ten anniversary of the nature of the work, SILVERLINK. Under the supervision of well-known Onuma heart is not comrades personally? And the story is still good at the company’s daily comedy route? SILVER; LINK  . In fact, the battle scene is also doing well for example later "magical girl’s" battle screen is awesome, immediately to the broadcast of the "witch" SILVER LINK animation is the courage. Make。 [source: acgdoge]相关的主题文章: