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The movie "the monster diary of a strange young man" is broadcast on the animation. On Wednesday, the movie "the monster’s Diary of strange brother" has begun to broadcast a promotional film, which is narrated by the animation character bell. The main character animation is as follows: CV fifty Lan Yu Tai Lung singular Meiling CV Zhong Tian thou this national xueniang CV long Japan ~ this thou face Fox of female CV Kita Muraeri snow mother CV Sayaka Ohara animation specific broadcast time is as follows: Tokyo MX October 5th every Wednesday 22:33~ Sun TV on October 5th every Wednesday 24:03~ animation production staff is mainly as follows: Supervision: a better kind of guys better resolved by national national scene: WORDS in STEREO: the role of design imaoka law of animation: Creators Pack Eizan Rikazu in started in 2008 in the comic magazine, "Network Ma Chan" period after UTI gas on the comic strip "strange monster diary" too young. Micro Magazine Agency began publishing comic from January 2015, has been published to volume seventh, volume eighth is scheduled for release in September 30th. This "no scary" comic comic story tells the life story of the very inspiring boy, kizaro and a group of monsters. [source: Dream domain animation network]

动画《奇异太郎少年的妖怪绘日记》宣传片播出   周三,动画《奇异太郎少年的妖怪绘日记》开始播出一部宣传片,这部宣传片由动画角色铃负责旁白。   动画主要声优如下:   奇异太郎 cv 五十岚裕美   铃 cv 仲田ありさ   雪娘 cv 長縄まりあ   狐面の女 cv 喜多村英梨   雪母 cv 大原沙耶加   动画具体播出时间如下:   东京MX 10月5日起每周三22:33~   太阳电视台 10月5日起每周三24:03~   动画主要制作人员如下:   监督:ひらさわひさよし   场景:WORDS in STEREO   角色设计:今冈律之   动画制作:Creators in Pack   影山理一于2008年开始在在网络漫画杂志《マンガごっちゃ》上连载漫画《奇异太郎少年的妖怪绘日记》。Micro Magazine社从2015年1月开始出版漫画单行本,目前已出版至第7卷,第8卷计划在9月30日发售。   这部“一点都不可怕”的恐怖喜剧漫画讲述了灵感很强的男孩奇异太郎和一群妖怪的生活故事。[来源:梦域动漫网]相关的主题文章: