Anhui radio and television former director Zhang Suzhou first instance jailed for 14 years (Figure) tsumori chisato


Anhui radio and television former director Zhang Suzhou first instance jailed for 14 years (Figure) Xin’an Anhui evening news network news (September 18th), Huainan City Intermediate People’s Court of Anhui radio and television director Zhang Suzhou original bribery, corruption case first instance open verdict, judgment Zhang Suzhou guilty of accepting bribes and sentenced to ten years imprisonment and fined one million and eight hundred thousand yuan; guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to seven years imprisonment, fined seven hundred thousand yuan. Decided to implement fourteen years imprisonment, fined two million and five hundred thousand yuan; seizure, pay back on the proceeds of bribery money, stolen goods according to the state treasury; corruption proceeds according to the return of Anhui radio and TV station. The court found that from 2006 to 2014, Zhang Suzhou (male, 62 years old, department level) during the term of Anhui TV station, Anhui Radio Film and television director, Anhui radio and television bureau party secretary, director, editor, the use of his office, has received Nanjing Jing Sheng Cci Capital Ltd dozens of units and individuals, cash items, totaling 11236148 yuan, $47 thousand, 2000 euros, the value of 179 thousand yuan shopping card and the value of 1062239 yuan of gold, jade and watches and other items, and to seek benefits for others in TV advertising, buy TV and pay TV drama purchase, procurement of goods and other aspects; and the use of his position, alone or together with others, through the unit for reimbursement of personal shopping, falsifying bonuses and other means of illegal possession of public property totaling 3393657 yuan RMB。 The court held that Zhang Suzhou as national staff, accept others’ request, taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for the relevant units and individuals, and accepting trustees property, a huge amount, his behavior constituted bribery; Zhang Suzhou as a national staff, the use of his office, alone or together with others, embezzlement, a huge amount, his behavior constituted a crime of corruption. The Zhang Suzhou guilty of taking bribes, embezzlement, graft should be. Zhang Suzhou criminal prosecution of others, verified, meritorious service, and Zhang Suzhou justice can truthfully confessed his crimes, sincere repentance, positive and all ill gotten gains, considering Zhang Suzhou’s facts and circumstances of the crime, pleaded guilty to repentance for the attitude, the crime of corruption can be mitigated punishment. Then make the decision. After the first instance verdict, Zhang Suzhou said no appeal. Zhang Xiaohu Xin’an evening news network reporter Anhui editor: Li Zhibiao, Zhang Anhao相关的主题文章: