Anhui Province cultural industry increase win GDP jiqingwuyuetian


The cultural industry in Anhui province by outperforming GDP star news over the past five years, the province’s cultural front, in accordance with the planning overall standard guidance, government leading, social participation, driving innovation and application, improve the basic and overall team, multi fusion, sharing, correct orientation, forms, basic principles and main ideas of promoting evaluation accepted by the masses, and promote cultural development and prosperity. Anhui Hall of fame and other venues opened in the past five years, the Provincial Museum, Anhui Hall of fame and opened in the planning and construction of the Provincial Cultural Arts Center in Binhu, a total investment of about 500 million yuan, the main project and interior art museum exhibition design to proceed, the main completion is expected in 2016. "The three Municipal Museum a" Museum ", county hospital, township cultural stations cover all built 113 public libraries and museums (Memorial) 154, 120 cultural centers, art gallery 7, township (street) comprehensive cultural stations 1437. Outstanding pilot demonstration, the construction of public culture to mention efficiency. Standardization of public cultural services, the construction of a comprehensive cultural service center, a national pilot. Ma’anshan, Anqing, Tongling city to carry out a national public cultural service system demonstration area to create, launched the construction of 12 provincial-level demonstration zones. Two Lingjiatan ruins park built in the past five years, the success of the Grande Canale inscription, the protection and management of projects to accelerate. 2013 new national key cultural relics protection units 74, provincial insurance unit 253. National Archaeological Park, the national cultural relics protection project of ancient villages, the overall protection and utilization projects, strengthen the protection of endangered heritage items and a number of cultural heritage protection and utilization projects fast forward. In 2015, Hanshan County Lingjiatan, Fengyang County in the Ming Imperial Gucheng two national heritage park construction projects to accelerate the implementation of a project; Mount Huangshan Chengkan Village, Jingxian County Huang Tian Cun two national cultural relics protection project has been completed; the protection of traditional villages in the overall project progress smoothly. Intangible cultural heritage protection project, national digital pilot rescue project and 3 projects completed 10 national non heritage endangered project completed; Intangible Cultural Heritage Series "universe" Panba "Fenmo spring and autumn, and broadcast on cctv. The cultural industry growth outperforming GDP at the same time, the cultural industry in our province to maintain rapid growth, increase cultural and related industries accounted for the proportion of GDP increase, the average annual growth rate of higher than GDP growth over the same period, the growing scale of cultural industries. Bengbu successfully created a national cultural industry demonstration zone, to achieve the province’s national cultural industry demonstration park zero breakthrough. Hefei, Wuhu national animation industry base and Ma’anshan, Huainan, Bengbu animation industry cluster development, 33 Anhui enterprises gain accreditation of national animation enterprises, the national seventh. Rapid increase in cultural industry projects, 491 cultural industry projects into the provincial key projects "861" project plan. The cultural exchange project organization intergovernmental 198 batches, 1500 batches of foreign outstanding art troupes. Visit to Asia, Europe and the United States and other five continents and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, a total of 43 countries and regions, by the bright相关的主题文章: