Airbus approved the delivery of 17 aircraft to Iran Boeing has submitted an application for the tran mmc.exe


Airbus approved Iran to deliver 17 planes Boeing has submitted the transaction applications – Beijing, Beijing, September 22, according to foreign media reports, the Airbus group (Airbus EADSY, Group SE, referred to as: Airbus) 21 said, the U.S. government has approved the company’s delivery of the aircraft to the Iran Air, which will be a breakthrough deal one of the most sought after January this year after the lifting of sanctions against Iran. Airbus said it had been allowed to deliver 17 aircraft to Iran Air. A spokesman said that some aircraft may be completed this year, the fastest delivery. Airbus’s rival Boeing (Boeing Co. BA) said that Airbus should be before the first submit similar application submitted a license application, the United States government to take a first trial policy, Boeing expects to receive U.S. government approved the license soon. Iran announced this year and Airbus and Boeing to reach billions of dollars in trade, after several years of sanctions after the aircraft expansion plan. The airline operated by the airline is one of the oldest models on the market, and is restricted to some markets because of the age of the equipment. The approval of the U.S. government’s license allows the delivery of A320 single aisle aircraft and Airbus A330 XWB to Iran Air. Airbus has sought permission to speed up the process. A spokesman for the company said the US government is expected to issue second licenses in the next few weeks.相关的主题文章: