Again in southern Sultan to accept a UN protection force deployed to the region-exit safe mode


Again in southern Sultan to accept a UN regional protection force sent to its original title: South of Sultan, said again to accept the UN to send troops to protect the regional resolution of Xinhua news agency in Nairobi on 26 November, (reporter Nintaus) Juba news: South Sultan transitional government of national unity on the evening of 25 again, accepted by the UN Security Council to increase deployment 4000 regional protection force resolution in southern Sultan. A spokesman for the southern Sultan government, the evening of 25, said the media, the southern Sultan government has resolved all the relevant issues with the United Nations, and agreed to immediately increase deployment of regional protection in southern Sultan. South Sultan joint supervision and assessment committee said in a statement 26, the decision of the government of Sultan is essential to the southern capital of Juba’s safety, and will create a favorable environment for the implementation of the peace agreement in southern Sultan. Sultan in recent years, the situation is more volatile. President Kiir and vice president Meshal two Army long armed conflict, Meshal once fled juba. In April this year, Meshal Kiel and involved in the formation of the transitional government of national unity, but the two sides continue to occur again in July the army of fierce fighting, Meshal fled the country. The UN Security Council passed a resolution in August 12th, South Sultan regional protection force decided to send 4000 people, the United Nations Mission in South Sultan has increased to 17 thousand. Although the southern Sultan government said in September 4th that the Security Council resolution, but the deployment of troops has not made progress. (end) editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: