A man in Zhejiang secretly return girlfriend double 11 package kneeling down to beg forgiveness


A man in Zhejiang secretly return girlfriend double 11 double 11 has been wrapped kneeling down to beg forgiveness over the past week, the battle of the smoke cleared, chop hand family has continued to receive their booty". A few days ago, a netizen in the Forum revealed that the Hangzhou famous man while her girlfriend is not prepared, in online shopping during the double 11 goods all return, the results were driven out of the house. "I just went downstairs to walk the dog, go downstairs startled me, wearing a red clothes man kneeling at the door crying, did not wear shoes, the ground lost a lot of things, think of what happened, casually asked, said the man is opening female package then, her double 11 to buy things to return!" This sparked a heated debate on the forum, friends wyb198473 said: Men’s knees are too worthless. The mountain wild boar madder says: I just want to know how he found a girlfriend? Xiaobian contact the poster, in the west of the city of Hangzhou an old district to find the "red brother". See me, red brother is very embarrassed, outspoken no big deal, but he said he did not cry. In fact, on the knees, quickly stood up, and now it’s all right." He looks quite mature, but the humor frank, soon opened Tucao mode: "last year she bought a lot, not what, bought last year, this year has not run out, some clothes bought but not through." Red brother explained the matter: after 11 years, he accused his girlfriend to buy a pile of useless things, the results of his work that day to see his girlfriend a bunch of parcels, instant fire. "I will back away". "Red coat" said the courier to teach him to buy a special return with the "self retreat", the day he called the courier, all sent back. He did so, the consequences are very serious. His girlfriend after seeing the mess, fried, cried and threw him out of the house, so he had friends broke the scene. "She said she was going to break up, and I went down on my knees and tried to coax her." "Red brother" said, "but I have already made up that night, was just in anger." Buy buy buy, retreat retreat retreat, why? Here to give you a reminder: rational consumption!相关的主题文章: