A man asked his wife to split Nanchang into a debt of $50 thousand at the time of divorce. w-inds.


A man in Nanchang fight provoked a debt of $50 thousand at the time of divorce a wife split affection couples divorce, 34 year old Huang Shanshan, who lives in Nanchang Qingshan Lake District, two years older than him Wu Weijie, lived in Xihu District. In October 2011, two people at a party, the introduction of knowledge. The same day, two people chat more, sparks, and leave contact with each other. "We are all grown up, promise me, will be good for you." Two people met for some time, Huang Shanshan in the fierce pursuit of the establishment of a love relationship in Wu Weijie. The following year in January, in the case has not yet fully understood, Huang Shanshan and Wu Weijie in the Civil Affairs Department registered marriage. However, two good times don’t last long and happy marriage, is also not to be able to continue for a long time. Wu Weijie, who is often away on business, has gradually acquired a bad habit of gambling. A person in the home run Huang Shanshan are often unable to contact Wu Weijie, but also bear Wu Weijie’s violent temper, so two people friction, often quarrel, originally the harmonious marriage life is gradually the rift, and began a life of separation. In June 2015, Huang Shanshan thought that the couple’s feelings have been broken, they made a request for divorce to Wu Weijie. At first, Wu Weijie is not willing to divorce, but see the attitude of Huang Shanshan agreed to a divorce agreement. Split husband and wife property throws 50 thousand yuan debt since then, Huang Shanshan and the husband and wife of the husband and wife together in the property is located in a residential area of Nanchang, the allocation of deposits of $300 thousand to negotiate. "No, how about 50 thousand yuan owed to relatives?" Wu Weijie proposed that the debt belongs to the husband and wife joint debt, should be borne by the two. Huang Shanshan was Lengzhu, how the debt owed 50 thousand yuan I would know? Subsequently, Huang Shanshan was informed that after the inquiry, the 50 thousand yuan of debt, the Department was beaten out of the early injury caused by someone else, Wu Weijie borrowed her $50 thousand for compensation. Thus, Huang Shanshan resolutely rejected the request of Wu Weijie. In this way, two people because of the debt of $50 thousand, resulting in Huang Shanshan and Wu Weijie has not yet reached a divorce agreement. February 2016, Huang Shanshan in consultation with the number of fruitless negotiations with Wu Weijie, then sued to the court. The court granted the request, Huang Shanshan and Wu Weijie divorce, and division of matrimonial property, 50 thousand yuan of debt borne by the individual Jason wu. In the court trial, Huang Shanshan argued that 50 thousand yuan of debt was beaten out of the Department of early injury caused by someone else, who borrowed his own $50 thousand for compensation, he did not know the situation of. "Not for family life, should not be identified as a joint debt." And issued the corresponding evidence to prove. It is reported that two people in the court, the common property of the couple is located in Nanchang City, a residential housing, 300 thousand yuan into the deposit agreement. Not used for family living expenses free wife. The court held that Huang Shanshan, Wu Weijie was introduced to meet and fall in love, get married. Two people early marriage, couples also can, but because Wu Weijie did not take the necessary responsibility to the family, and the two sides have been separated for two years. According to the "Chinese people"相关的主题文章: