A brick cell phone has been locked up by hackers.-sexinse


Apple mobile phone overnight "bricks" to prevent mobile phone hackers locked nanguojinbao reporter Li Bing recently, some users of iPhone mobile phone in the night suddenly opened up on the screen, leaving only a word: "this Apple ID is locked, please contact QQ (or login website)." This is a hacker passing a remote lock, and then extorting money on the unlock. If you love the mobile phone suddenly locked into not only look for the "brick", impatient you would look for hackers to send money? Let’s take a look at the experience of Miss Chen, a Liuzhou citizen. 600 yuan to unlock. In October 5th, Miss Chen, a Liuzhou citizen, told our correspondent that as early as last week, she was chatting with her friends with his iPone 6 phone. Suddenly, the cell phone reminded him to reenter the Apple ID password. After all, there had been a similar situation before, and the mobile interface could be used normally, and she didn’t care. However, on the morning of the second day, she suddenly found that her cell phone was black screen, leaving only the word "cell phone data has been erased" on the screen, unable to boot properly, even though restart could not be used. At the same time, her apple iPad could not be used again. "Is it all of a cell phone and iPad all of a sudden?" In a hurry, Miss Chen immediately found a mobile phone repair shop. However, she was told that her mobile phone has been locked away by hacker, not necessarily repaired, that is, to repair, and also to spend 850 yuan. Miss Chen asked a number of repair shops and got the same answers. Frustrated Miss Chen then in the WeChat circle of friends Tucao, but there are many of my friends have said, recently, many people are "black" mobile phone hacking, hackers apparently want to extort money, Miss Chen to view the QQ mailbox hackers "blackmail". Sure enough, Miss Chen found a duplicate mail in her mailbox: "your equipment is out of date, please contact QQ!" Miss Chen then went online to try to get the password back, but she found her Apple ID’s verifying mailbox had been changed and couldn’t get the password back. Miss Chen had to contact each other by QQ 3054093578. The hackers who sent the cell phone to blackmail information and told Miss Chen that the data in the cell phone had been erased. After giving the money, they could turn on the phone and restore relevant information in the cell phone. Miss Chen asked the price, two of the other party asked for 600 yuan to unlock, otherwise iPhone can only change "brick". "Can I only make a fool of money?" Miss Chen immediately searched the Internet and found that many people had encountered similar situations. Some people also reminded you, "do not send money to hackers, or they will get more users to be black" if they taste the sweetness. Miss Chen also thinks, even according to the request of the other party, it will not be able to get the unlocked password. So Miss Chen called an apple customer service phone, but the other party asked Miss Chen to provide the original invoice to help unlock it. And Miss Chen originally bought iPone 6 mobile phone is a "port version", naturally can not provide the original invoice. Even if iPad was "goods", it was bought in 2014, and it was difficult to find the invoice. "Do I have to be blackmailed to remit money to a hacker?" In a helpless situation, Miss Chen can only bargain with the hacker, asking 500 yuan to unlock two machines at the same time. But when Miss Chen passed a WeChat two-dimensional code to 500 yuan, the hacker reclaimed that if he wanted to unlock the iPad, he had to pay another 500 yuan. Because Miss Chen felt that iPad was no longer worth the money, and did not agree with the hacker’s request. He insisted on only 100 yuan, even if the hacker bargain to 300 yuan, Miss Chen did not agree. But second days to the hacker to come to the information, 100 yuan can also help Miss Chen unlocked. So is the so-called "chastened", when hackers unlock, Miss Chen not to use Apple ID, and then allow hackers to remotely lock. At the same time, she no longer opened the "remote lookup iPone" function. In addition, Miss Chen is summed up the lessons and I hope the warning other apple mobile phone users. First of all, if there is a formal invoice, it can provide the original information of mobile Apple ID to customer service. With the help of Apple Corp technicians, ID can be retrieved and unlocked successfully. So whether it’s a port or a mobile phone, you must keep the original invoice well. Secondly, many people’s mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices all use the same ID or account number, so it is easy to be locked by hackers. Therefore, different devices must not use the same ID account. As for the racketeering of the apple mobile phone users, the reporter has dialed the official official service of the apple. The other side, they have received many similar complaints. It is suggested that the machine owners should not contact hacker remittances after they are locked. Instead, they will first contact the official customer service to modify the ID password. The two step verification function of Apple ID is used to prevent the mobile phone from being locked. How do we guard against that, how does a hacker know the password of a mobile phone? The maintenance of Liuzhou mobile phone for nearly 10 years, Hu Xiaofei said, after the news, many black iPhone users is the use of registered mail, and it is reported that Apple users Apple ID or iCloud account password was stolen by hackers, hackers use their mobile phone user login is black iPhone account login, after all users this account of the binding of Apple products in the missing state through the software, the boot is a black screen, the screen shows "mobile phone has been lost". In addition, mobile phone remote lock function of Apple Corp set up a "Find my iPhone", which was originally set up in order to protect the privacy of the loss of mobile phone, convenient for users to remotely lock, but this feature was exploited by hackers, namely remote customers lock and unlock the phone, ask for ransom. These users may be stolen mail, illegal criminals tampered with the ID password through the mailbox, then log on to iCloud with this ID, and lock the cell phone remotely through "find my iPhone". How can we prevent such a situation? Instead of using QQ mailboxes to register Apple ID, he suggested, instead of using the official website to apply for ID, and then apply for double protection. In addition, the two step verification function of Apple ID is opened. In the settings will add a mobile phone number to receive verification code used as login or modify Apple ID, open Apple ID two step can be verified through Apple’s official website or mobile phone settings – App Store and iTunes Store, click Apple ID, select "view Apple ID", jump page settings. After setting, even if the hacker got the user’s Apple ID, it could not be modified without sending the authentication code on the phone, thereby enhancing security. Apple customer service staff remind users that when they are using Apple ID, they must not input their own ID and password to unknown logon box, do not use their account to login unknown website to vote and so on, so as to minimize privacy information input operation. In peacetime, we should also pay attention to the regular replacement of the password of the important account, to avoid multiple accounts password and the unlawfully attacked by the illegal elements. Do not download installation software at the unofficial software mall. The account of double verification must be opened, that is to say, in addition to the registration password verification, it can also open the mobile phone dynamic verification code. Liuzhou police also warned that smartphone users would not easily click on unidentified links in a mailbox or in a short message. In public places, try to avoid the use of unfamiliar WiFi. At the same time, in peacetime to protect their various mailboxes, account password. When the account is found to be abnormal, please contact the customer service as soon as possible. If you meet this situation of Ms. Chen, you should call the police immediately and not give the money to the other person in private. 苹果手机一夜之间变“砖头” 防范手机被黑客锁死   南国今报记者李兵   最近,一些用户的iPhone手机在一夜间突然打不开,屏幕上只留下一行字–“此Apple ID已锁定,请与QQ××××××联系(或是登录××网站)。”这是黑客通过远程锁机,然后以解锁为由勒索钱财。如果你心爱的手机也突然被锁定,变成只能看不能用的“板砖”,心急的你会傻傻给黑客汇钱吗?先来看看柳州市民陈小姐的遭遇吧。   给600元才解锁   10月5日,柳州市民陈小姐向本报记者反映,早在上个星期,她正在用自己的iPone 6手机与朋友聊天,突然间手机提醒,要求重新输入Apple ID密码。毕竟以前也出现过类似的情况,同时手机界面还可以正常使用,她当时也就没在意。然而,第二天早上,她突然发现自己的手机黑屏了,屏幕上只留下“手机资料已被抹去”的字样,无法正常开机,即使重启也不能使用。与此同时,她的苹果iPad也无法再使用。   “是不是手机、iPad都突然坏了?”情急之下,陈小姐马上找到了手机维修店。然而,她却被告知,她的手机已经被黑客远程锁定,不一定修得了,就是能修好,也要花850元。陈小姐问了多家修理店,得到的答复都差不多。   万分沮丧的陈小姐随后在微信朋友圈里吐槽,不料有许多朋友纷纷回复说,近段时间,很多人的手机都被黑客“黑”了,黑客显然是想勒索钱财,陈小姐可前往QQ邮箱查看黑客的“勒索邮件”。果然,陈小姐在自己的邮箱内发现一封重复很多次的邮件:“你的设备即将过期,请联系QQ!”陈小姐随即上网试图找回密码,但发现她Apple ID的验证邮箱也已经被人改掉,没办法找回密码。   眼看不能解锁,陈小姐只好通过QQ号3054093578联系对方。锁死手机的黑客发来敲诈信息并告诉陈小姐,手机内的资料已经被全部抹除了,给钱之后才能开机并恢复手机内的相关资料。陈小姐问了问价格,两部机子对方要价600元才能解锁,否则iPhone就只能变“砖头”了。   “难道我只能傻傻汇钱吗?”   陈小姐随即上网搜索,发现不少人都遇到过类似情况,一些人也提醒大家,“千万别给黑客汇钱,不然对方尝到了甜头,会有更多的手机用户被黑”。   陈小姐也觉得,就算按照对方的要求汇款,也不一定能拿到解锁密码。于是陈小姐拨通了苹果客服电话,然而对方要求陈小姐提供原始发票才帮忙解锁。而陈小姐当初购买的iPone 6手机是属于“港版”,自然无法提供原始发票。即使iPad是“行货”,也是在2014年购买的,也难以寻找到发票了。   “难道我只能被敲诈,傻傻地给黑客汇钱吗?”在无可奈何的情况下,陈小姐只能与黑客讨价还价,要求500元同时解锁两部机子。然而当陈小姐通过一个微信二维码汇去500元后,黑客又反悔:如果要解锁iPad,另外还要交500元。   因为陈小姐觉得iPad已经不值这个钱,没有同意黑客的要求,坚持只能再给100元,哪怕黑客讨价还价到300元,陈小姐也没有答应。却不料第二天该黑客来信息,100元也能帮陈小姐解锁。   吃一堑长一智   正所谓“吃一堑长一智”,当黑客解锁后,陈小姐不再使用Apple ID,让黑客无法再远程锁定。与此同时,她不再开启“远程查找iPone”的功能。另外,陈小姐更是总结出了其间的教训并希望其他苹果手机用户引以为戒。首先,如果是有正规发票,可向客服提供手机Apple ID的原始信息,通过苹果公司技术人员的帮助,一般可以找回被更改的ID,并成功解锁。所以无论是港版手机还是行货手机,一定要保存好原始发票。其次,很多人的手机、平板等移动设备都是使用同一个ID或账号,这样很容易同时被黑客锁定,因此,不同设备一定不要使用同一个ID账号。   就苹果手机用户遭敲诈勒索一事,记者拨通了苹果官方客服。对方介绍,他们目前已接到很多类似的投诉,建议机主在手机被锁后不要联系黑客汇款,而是第一时间与官方客服联系修改ID密码。并通过开启Apple ID的两步验证功能来预防手机被锁。   我们该如何防范   那么,黑客是如何获知手机密码的呢?在柳州维修手机近10年的胡小飞介绍说,此前的消息显示,众多被黑的iPhone用户多是使用邮箱注册,而据悉,苹果用户的Apple ID或iCloud账号密码被黑客盗走后,黑客用自己的手机登录被黑用户的iPhone账户,登录后通过软件让用户所有绑定此账号的苹果产品处于丢失状态,即开机就是黑屏,屏幕上显示“手机已丢失”。另外,苹果公司设置了一项“Find my iPhone”的手机远程锁定功能,这一设置原本是为了保护丢失手机的隐私内容,方便用户进行远程锁定,但是这项功能现在却被黑客所利用,即远程锁定客户手机,并索要高额解锁赎金。这些用户可能是邮箱被盗,不法分子通过邮箱篡改了ID密码,然后用该ID登录iCloud,通过“查找我的iPhone”远程锁定手机。   如何才能防范这样的情况呢?他建议,尽量不要使用QQ邮箱注册Apple ID,而是登录官方网站去申请ID号,然后申请双重保护。另外,开启Apple ID的两步验证功能。在设置中会添加一个手机号码作为登录或修改Apple ID时接收验证码所用,开启Apple ID两步验证可以通过苹果官网或者手机里“设置——App Store与iTunes Store”,点击Apple ID,选择“查看Apple ID”,跳转页面后进行设置。设置后,就算黑客获知了用户的Apple ID,但是没有发送到手机上的验证码,就无法修改,从而增强了安全性。   苹果客服人员提醒用户,平时在使用Apple ID时,要注意不向来源不明的登录框输入自己的ID和密码,不要随便用账号登录不明网站进行投票等操作,尽量减少隐私信息输入操作。平时也要注意定期更换重要账号的密码,避免多个账号密码雷同被不法分子撞库攻击。不在非官方软件商城下载安装软件。对有双重验证的账号一定要开通,即除了注册密码验证,还可以开通手机动态验证码。   柳州警方也提醒,智能手机用户不要轻易点击邮箱中或短信中不明的链接。在公众场所,尽量避免使用陌生的WiFi。同时,平时要保护好自己的各种邮箱、账号密码。发现账户异常时,请尽快与客服联系。如果碰到陈女士这种情况,应立即报警,不能私下汇款给对方。相关的主题文章: