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Manage Translation And Localization With Translation Management Systems Posted By: brianwarren Translation Management System what is translation Translation Management System What Is Translation Management? Posted By: brianwarren Enterprises looking to expand their geographical footprint need to manage and translate huge amounts of content for a multilingual audience. Now, language translation is a cumbersome process as it involves a lot of rewriting, reworking, editing, and reviewing before it can be disseminated among the global audience. This is because the ultimate aim of language translation and localization process is to ensure that a foreign customer correctly infers the meaning of their marketing messages. Since, global enterprises need to cater to a large varied audience in a short time span, translation management is what that can help enterprises in achieving efficient language translation. But what is translation management? Translation Management is the automation of the translation process, eliminating repetitive and laborious manual tasks while enabling control, increasing collaboration and delivering greater efficiency. It uses proven database, workflow and integration standards, and technologies, to integrate the people, content systems, and language assets involved in the translation process from across organizations and suppliers.what is translation management Translation Management what is translation management 相关的主题文章: