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Inspirational This is one of the questions in my Journal of Possibilities and a very important one . Aliveness is what you bring to any experience you have. I will use fitness as an example. Anyone of us can go to the gym, get on the treadmill and walk for 30 minutes. Does this make us feel alive? For some the answer may be yes, but let me ask you this what are you thinking about while walking? Are you mulling over your to do list? Are your thoughts focused on how this bit of exercise will make a difference in your body? Are you thinking about just getting it over with? Or Are you noticing the sensations in your legs and body as you walk? Are you aware of your muscles, your stride, your heart pumping, and your breath? Which experience feels more alive to you? What would make if feel even more alive? Perhaps walking faster? Running instead? How does that increase the feeling of aliveness? Is aliveness a thought? Is it a sensation that courses through our body? I say its a combination of both. The sensations are heightened when our attention is focused on what we are doing, on where we are. That alignment allows us to really feel those sensations to bring them to our conscious awareness. Instead of just going through the motions of life, we are really living and experiencing. Far too often we walk through life relatively unconscious going through the motions habitually without feeling anything (example of driving your car). Today, right now, you can exponentially increase your sense of aliveness in everything you do and have, even if nothing else (external) were to change. You decide. Pick one area of your life one experience you have daily and embrace it, focus on it, pay attention to what you are doing, the sensations in your body as you are doing it. Align your mind and body and notice what happens. Explore this new sense of aliveness in all areas of your life! If you found this helpful, it is just one of more than 52 questions that appear in my journal, The Journal of Possibility. In it you will find art, quotes and questions to keep you inspired. To learn more go to About the Author: Stefanie Zizzo is a professionally certified life and career coach and workshop facilitator who assists individuals and groups from all over the country in gaining clarity, confidence and direction in their careers and lives. Stefanie offers personalized career/life coaching and engaging seminars and workshops. She is the author of The Journey from Comfort to Possibility: Five Steps to Gaining Clarity, Confidence and Direction in Your Life. Article Published On: – Inspirational 相关的主题文章: