Small Business Growing population and trade have escalated the demand of infrastructures. With the increase in demand of infrastructures 朝鲜再度发声 海军访问土耳其


Small Business Growing population and trade have escalated the demand of infrastructures. With the increase in demand of infrastructures, the consumption of energy for operational activities too increases. Broadly speaking, there are two categories of buildings; conventional and sustainable. Buildings consume 40 per cent of the worlds resources which includes 12 percent of water, and up to 40 per cent of the energy, we use. As a matter of fact, conventional buildings require more energy to run their facilities. Office buildings have more facilities incorporated in their operational system; hence the consumption of energy is high in them. Curbing the consumption limit has become challenging. Sustainable Building is the only way forward. Several corporate offices have begun realizing the importance of sustainability. Water, Energy and Waste Management are very important for a sustainable establishment. A simple way to conserve energy is to encourage a change in the way of doing things. The temperature in offices should be kept between 24-25 C. White color roofs and facades reflect light and heat. They help in saving energy. Using 4-5 star-rated electrical appliances is one of the popular energy efficiency trends adopted by business centres present in India . LEDs use only 2-10 watts of electricity and last up to 10 times as long as CFL’s. Being the most-energy efficient, LEDs have caught the attention of most of the serviced offices in India . These lights not only help in decreasing the energy consumption of a building but also add the aesthetic charm to the look and feel. Offices can also install motion sensor lights in the bathrooms and lobbies in the building in order to control misuse of electricity. Offices also need to focus on water management. In a city like Delhi, availability of water has been a consisting problem. Sensor taps is one of the many solutions. They help in reducing the usage of water as the stream and flow of water stays within control. Rain Water harvesting is another effective way to manage water. Managing waste is another area where offices should lay emphasis. Separate bins should be kept of different kinds of waste. Recycling and reusing wastes should be encouraged. Awareness through various mediums is slowly pushing corporate offices to Go Green and become sustainable. However, more rigorous efforts are required to streamline it. There are many fully furnished offices in India , however not all of them are sustainable. Sustainable development is the need of this hour and its time that the corporate sector realizes this and act accordingly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: