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Insurance London’s Burning, A Homeowner’s Nightmare The events of the past few days have rocked the nation, what started as a peaceful protest escalated into some of the worst riots that Britain has seen in decades. While spectators could hurry-home, retailers and homeowners had to endure the tension of simply waiting, hoping that their property didn’t fall victim to the senseless vandalism. Over the course of the riots over 100m worth of property damage has been caused in London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham. What property owners have been most affected by the London riots? The violence that ensued has brought destruction on many business, shops and homes. The vandalism has primarily been aimed at retailers, but fires that started in shops that had been looted quickly spread to surrounding flats and houses, leaving local residents powerless as they watched their homes being destroyed. Now as communities try and rebuild, many property owners are left wondering where they will find the financial, let alone the emotional, strength to complete the task ahead of them. Will home insurance policies cover the damages? With an estimated 100m in damages there are growing fears that insurance companies could try and refute claims where possible. A spokesperson from the Association of British Insurers said that insurance companies will pay out for damages and losses caused by the riots. Other industry professionals have confirmed this, stating that the rioting nature of the disorder should not affect the insurance cover. What should homeowners do who have had property damaged? If you are a homeowner who has faced property damage as a result of the riots you are advised to contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. As a services manager from the British Insurance Brokers’ Association said, insurance providers usually offer a 24-hour claims hotline, so contact your company to have the damage inspected and arrange repairs as soon as possible. Crisis loans are also available from the government if families and homeowners are having short-term financial problems as a result of the riots. Is there any hope for uninsured homeowners? Of course for homeowners without insurance there are further problems, but they can still make their claim in writing to the police under the Riots (Damages) Act 1886, traditionally this had to be done in 14 days but has been extended to 42 for the current circumstances. This was confirmed in a speech by David Cameron, who has pledged that people who have suffered as a result of the riots will be helped regardless of whether or not they have house insurance. While politicians may be debating the causes of what happened on the streets of London, and how to prevent it happening again, many families and businesses are more focused on trying to rebuild what was so quickly destroyed to regain a sense of normality. There is at least a small comfort in that property owners will receive compensation from their insurance companies and through the Riots Act for the damages that they have suffered. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: