which can use Hong Kong’s popularity to build their products or services brand. The fields such as Hong Kong’s clothing 苏州摇号买房争执 朝鲜发现高丽王陵


Customer Service Hong Kong is one of the most important cities in Asia, playing an increasing significant role as a bridge for world economy. Hong Kong has become one of the most open and export-oriented economy systems in the world, and successfully developed into a trading hub and service center as well as the world’s financial center. Hong Kong Company Incorporation—The First Step for Enterprise’s Globalization The superior geographical location as well as the various cultural integration from unique historical environmental legacy, makes Hong Kong as a mastery of an international metropolis. Hong Kong plays an indispensable role in the world’s financial, culture, economic and trade. The Hong Kong’s commercial position in particular, is unmatchable for any other cities in this world. Due to this, Hong Kong has become the first choice for multinational business of global entrepreneurs and investors. As a result, in order to begin the process of internationalization, global enterprises have chosen to set up companies or offices in Hong Kong. Global enterprises can choose to set up companies with different forms of business in Hong Kong, which are entitled with the same treatment. The procedures for setting up business in Hong Kong are simple and fast, and the fastest to complete registration is available within one day. Enterprises can achieve trust and cooperation easily from trading partners in other countries through the registered company in Hong Kong. Providing Excellent Business Environment for the Rapid Development of Enterprises Hong Kong pursues a simple low-tax policy, with relatively simple and clear financial management system, using the principle of territorial taxation, only tax on income derived from Hong Kong. The related tax is generally profits tax with 16.5% only, and reported once annually, not subject to VAT and sales tax. Running Hong Kong companies to operate business, you can enjoy a simple tax system in Hong Kong and preferential tax rates, save the cost for company at a greater degree. Meanwhile, Hong Kong as an international financial center, with a high reputation in the world, companies can use international credit of Hong Kong’s banks for global trade. In addition, with good infrastructure, free trade and prosperity port, it can provide broader free space for access to global human resources, logistics, capital, etc. In Hong Kong, logistics can enter and depart freely without the basic tariffs, efficient logistics processing speed by land, by sea and by air, to provide maximum convenience for enterprises’s development. Hong Kong Brands Effect to Enhance the Competitiveness of Enterprises Hong Kong itself is an international brand, taking significant position internationally. Enterprises set up companies in Hong Kong, which can use Hong Kong’s popularity to build their products or services brand. The fields such as Hong Kong’s clothing, toys, electronics, gifts, culture, publishing and other industries are competitive in the international community. Enterprises set up this category companies, can share the overall international image and status, can enhance their competitiveness to a certain extent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: