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Men’s-Issues Every year, almost a third of all American men develop prostate health issues. The prostate is a small gland thats nestled below the bladder and wraps around the neck of the urethra. It undergoes a growth spurt in adolescent boys when it doubles in size and then stabilizes for a few years. As men near fifty, its subject to another growth phase. During this phase, it enlarges considerably in size, sometimes growing big enough to push against the bladder and squeeze the urethra. This can cause a host of urinary flow problems. Frequent urination, especially at night, an intense urge to urinate and be near a bathroom all the time, leaking after urination, and a hesitant and feeble urine stream are telltale signs of a prostate disorder. Men who suffer from prostate disorder or are at risk should be proactive in their approach toward prostate health. A constant urge to urinate can put men in a highly awkward situation. Sleepless nights lead to irritable mornings, which can adversely impact their professional life as well. Its never too late to begin taking care of your prostate health so you minimize the risk of prostate disease and dont fall prey to its embarrassing signs. Tips for Good Prostate Health If youre over 50, schedule annual prostate screenings with your doctor. Early detection is the key to effectively manage any health issue and stop it from worsening. Most men forget or ignore their prostate health till problems start cropping up. Dont wait till its too late. For optimum prostate health, educate yourself, lead a healthy lifestyle, and initiate a discussion about this little gland that can have big consequences if not taken care of in the right way! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: